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Soda Drinker Pro & Vivian Clark Interview

64 days ago - At PAX East 2014 I got to chat with Will Brierly, the creator of the most advanced soda drinking simulator on the market, Soda Drinker Pro. We also... | Video | PC


Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Video Interview — Pax East 2014

86 days 16 hours ago - Tony Wilson grabs Devolver Digital's Nigel Laury for a few minutes on Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. | Video | PC


Dark Souls 2: Defeating The Skeleton Lord (SOLO, NAKED)

110 days 22 hours ago - The first time I stumbled into the room with the Skeleton Lords, I thought to myself, “There is absolutely no way I can kill all 15 of these damn s... | Video | PC


Dark Souls 2: Defeat Mytha the Baneful Queen (SOLO, NAKED)

111 days 7 hours ago - Front Towards Gamer is at it again with some DSII boss help. One simple trick that you have to be paying attention to in the world in order to... | Video | PC


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Ground Zeroes: Hard, No Alert, NO RETRY Speed Run

111 days 7 hours ago - Beat Ground Zeroes in 10 minutes...Get the most out of your $30+ purchase and raise nothing but some serious gamerscore / trophies with Front Towar... | Video | Xbox 360


Dark Souls 2: Mid-game Soul Grinding Trick

114 days 20 hours ago - Figure out how to farm souls in Lost Bastille with this neat little trick from Front Towards Gamer. | Video | PC


Dark Souls 2 — Watch This

115 days 13 hours ago - Dark Souls 2 has been out for a few days now, so Front Towards Gamer decided to sit down and play through the latest title from Namco Bandai and Fr... | Video | PC


Watch This! Lone Survivor

119 days 5 hours ago - Jasper Byrne’s Lone Survivor isn’t a new title, but since it’s free on PS+ this week, Tony and Curtis decided to sit down with it and explore its 8... | Video | PS4


Thief: Chapter 5: The Forsaken: Master Difficulty, Ghost Walkthrough

131 days 10 hours ago - Zzzzzzzz…..zzzzzzzzz……zzzzzzzz….. Man, what a long, boring level. Three quarters of Thief’s fifth chapter are made entirely of empty Asylum hall... | Video | PC


Thief: Defeat the Thief-Taker General UNSEEN on MASTER Difficulty

131 days 10 hours ago - Quite the pain in the ass, the Thief-Taker General…especially on Master difficulty! Throw in trying not to actually be seen by him? Even harder. Bu... | Video | PC


Thief: How to Solve the Great Safe Puzzle (Dumbest Puzzle in 2014 Award)!

133 days ago - Are you kidding me with this puzzle, Eidos Montreal? | Video | PC


Thief: Chapter 4: A Friend in Need: Master Difficulty, Ghost Walkthrough!

133 days 4 hours ago - Garrett can’t catch a freakin’ break! He’s liberated the ring off Cornelius and the book from Madam Zhao Zhao and her Blossoms, only to get back to... | Video | PC


Thief: Chapter 3: Dirty Secrets: Master Difficulty, Ghost Walkthrough!

133 days 14 hours ago - This guide will take you though Thief chapter three: Dirty Secrets on Master difficulty with a “ghost” rating at the end of the mission. That means... | Video | PC


Thief: Chapter 2: Dust to Dust: Master Difficulty, Ghost Walkthrough

133 days 20 hours ago - Garrett breaks through the lock down of Chapter 1 to meet up with his fixer Bosso and get another high paying job. See how to demolish the level on... | Video | Xbox 360


Thief: Chapter 1: Lockdown: Master Difficulty, Ghost Walkthrough

133 days 20 hours ago - Front Towards Gamer resident stealth game expert, Shanghai Six, plows through Thief to give you the best run as Garrett | Video | Xbox 360


The Last of Us: Left Behind — Watch This!

141 days 19 hours ago - After a hiatus, the Watch This! series has finally returned! This time, Tony and Curtis reunited to check out Left Behind, the latest DLC for The L... | Video | PS3


Front Towards Gamer -- The Stanley Parable: Five More Endings Revealed

233 days 10 hours ago - Check out five more of our favorite endings to The Stanley Parable. The end is never the end. | Video | PC


Beyond Two Souls: All Five Endings

274 days 17 hours ago - Didn't have the time or patience to power through David Cage's next epic? We've got you covered! | Video | PS3


Watch This: Charlie Murder

334 days 6 hours ago - Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade has begun, and one of the more intriguing titles in this year’s lineup is Charlie Murder. It’s another beat ‘em up fro... | Video | Xbox 360


Watch This: Pikmin 3 | FTG

337 days 9 hours ago - FTG Writes: We haven’t done many Watch This! videos for the Wii U, but we absolutely had to take a look at Pikmin 3 this week. The review is coming... | Video | Wii U


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