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Front Towards Gamer Radio 235: GIGI, PLAY WALKING DEAD ALREADY

4 days 13 hours ago - Another week, another podcast where we ask the burning question of zombie lover Gigi “WHY HAVE YOU NOT FINISHED THE WALKING DEAD?” Quinn and Shang... | Podcast | Culture


PCN-Gen Episode 51: “Social Meh-dia”

10 days 9 hours ago - Sir, Rafa, and Curtis return from a LOOOOONG summer break to do what they can to understand all that they missed. Naturally, it’s a mess and they e... | Podcast | Culture


Podcast N Bullsh*t Episode 28 – Assassin’s Crud

10 days 17 hours ago - It’s been a trying week for many of us in the gaming community, so let us regale you with talks of the Assassin’s Creeds, Rogue Legacies, Disgaeas,... | Podcast | Culture


Front Towards Gamer Radio Traffic Chopper, Episode 227: Quinn’s Birthday Gift to the World

70 days 12 hours ago - It’s the birfday cast for Quinn “Soulibon” Sullivan, but you’re the one getting the gift with his smooth melodious voice talking about that one kid... | Podcast | Culture


Destiny (PS4) Review

Now - Bungie’s next series is here, but how does it stack up? | Promoted post

Gametwerp Podcast Episode 222 – “The Atari-Denny’s Rabbit Hole”

70 days 12 hours ago - No one is safe from the Gametwerp crew this week. We took on WWE, Atari, Denny’s, Fox News, and many more. Feel the podcast rage! - Intros - Atar... | Podcast | Culture


Podcast N Bullsh*t Episode 24 – Shovelry is Dead

76 days 7 hours ago - Kayla’s just moved into her new place, Marco’s in Mexico, Travis is off moving into *his* own place…leaving Dylan with plenty of time to put this l... | Podcast | Culture


Podcast N Bullsh*t Episode 22 – Ghostface Zilla

110 days 3 hours ago - Gadzooks, Gojira! We’ve had a little radio silence on our front, but we still banged this one out because we love y’all so dearly. We chat up the T... | Podcast | Wii U


Gametwerp Podcast Episode 214 – “Thrones and Codes”

140 days 3 hours ago - This week is full of recollections, plus a look ahead at a game we’re no longer excited for. Well, one quarter of us…the other three were never qui... | Podcast | Culture


PNB Special: Super Fantasy Rumblin’

140 days 6 hours ago - Travis talks to his friends over at Passion Project Studios about their new tactical card game, Super Fantasy Rumble, but being Podcast N Bullshit,... | Podcast | Culture


Front Towards Gamer Radio Traffic Chopper, Episode 218: Push Up Guys

140 days 7 hours ago - We’re not only back, but it’s the Big Three, the Gigi, Quinn and Shanghai picking up the microphones to yell at one another about Animal Crossing,... | Podcast | Culture


PCN-Gen Episode 43: “We Smell Bacon”

140 days 13 hours ago - **SNIFF SNIFF** You guys smell that? Sorry Jewsih freinds, Pork is back, you guys should abstain from this episode. | Podcast | Culture


Gametwerp Podcast Episode 213 – “Call of Infamy: Lions”

147 days 12 hours ago - After a week off for PAX, we’re back with this bonus length episode. Tune in for some rapper news, games we choose, and Ben’s blues! - Intros - S... | Podcast | Culture


Podcast N Bullsh*t Episode 20 – Final Fantasy Z

162 days 12 hours ago - Can you feel the pre-PAX hype? Join us as we talk up Archer, Dragon Ball, and more Final Fantasy than you could have ever asked for. | Podcast | Culture


Gametwerp Podcast Episode 212 – “Killzone Spacey”

162 days 12 hours ago - In this sure-to-be-classic pre-PAX episode, we talk about everything from House of Cards, to Saw, to Sesame Street, to Sean Bean. There’s a boatloa... | Podcast | Culture


PCN-Gen Episode 42: “Kan-YAY!”

164 days 6 hours ago - It’s the pre-PAX East PCN-Gen, yay! Let’s make this quick so Curtis can burn himself out running all over that dumb Boston convention center! | Podcast | Culture


Front Towards Gamer Radio Traffic Chopper, Episode 217: This Week’s Guest Gigi

164 days 7 hours ago - Gigi is again AWOL, so we bring in “Guest Gigi” this week is Kyle “Konman72″ Hanson to take over for her. This week on the show, “Guest Gigi” Kyle... | Podcast | Culture


PCN-Gen Episode 40: “20-Something Ninja Mexicans”

171 days 6 hours ago - Sir and Rafa are now PCN-Gen‘s 20-Sometihng Ninja Mexicans! All alone this week, they talk the latest in games and nerdy movies, join them, won’t you? | Podcast | Culture


Front Towards Gamer Radio Traffic Chopper, Episode 216: Like to Harvest HIS Moon

171 days 21 hours ago - The gang’s all here as Gigi talks uncomfortably about making moves on specific Harvest Moon characters for profit and bemoaning writing Yoshi’s Isl... | Podcast | Culture


Gametwerp Podcast Episode 211 – “Me Llamo Campo Santo”

176 days 6 hours ago - After an unexpected week off, we’re back and as good (read: adequate) as ever! This week is jam packed good news, dumb news, good jokes, and bad... | Podcast | Culture


Front Towards Gamer Radio Traffic Chopper, Episode 215: Yay Xbone

176 days 16 hours ago - Shanghai Six bails on week’s show for a surprise business meeting, leaving Quinn to fend for himself. Quinn in turn taps Rhys “Triscuitable” Egner... | Podcast | Xbox One


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post
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