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Best Websites That Use The Konami Code

1836 days 13 hours ago - What websites do the most awesome thing if you enter the famous Konami Code? Faceoff Games appears to know and also wants you to know too. | Article | Culture


World Cup Bluffs #2: Honduras v. Chile, Spain v. Switzerland, South Africa v. Uruguay

1844 days 11 hours ago - Worth reading just to see F.O.G. reporter Dara's excuses as to why he hasn't updated this since the first day of the World Cup. | Article | Culture

Three Way Tie (For Last): Open Your World

1856 days 21 hours ago - Team FOG descends (DO YOU SEE WHAT WE DID THERE, OH WE SAID IT! WE SAID THE HELL OUT OF IT! ) on the idea of open world games, what that means and... | Article | Culture

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