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E271: Return of the king – Miyamoto, the world’s greatest game designer, is back at the controls

57 days 4 hours ago - Edge - Legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto is leading several new projects as Nintendo positions the Wii U for a fightback. So it’s the perfec... | News | Wii U


PS4 Exclusive "Bloodborne" Graces Edge August Cover, "Creator of Dark Souls Unleashed on PS4"

113 days 9 hours ago - Bloodborne leads the 40-page E3 preview special in the new issue of Edge magazine. It’s out now in print, on iPad, Google Play and Zinio. | News | PS4


E268: Future tech powers a revolution in Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

142 days 14 hours ago - There is no question that this particular Call Of Duty throws up an unusually long list of things to talk about. First, there are its origins at Sl... | News | PC


Rocksteady prepares for knightfall in Batman: Arkham Knight

148 days 6 hours ago - There’s something of Burnout in Arkham Knight’s vision of Gotham City. It’s there in the brittle roadside infrastructure, and in road widths that h... | News | PC


Getting started in Archeage

Now - Quick overview from Curse on everything you need to get going in Archeage. | Promoted post

Insomniac’s Xbox One shooter Sunset Overdrive revealed in our next issue

170 days 9 hours ago - EDGE - The new issue of Edge magazine features world exclusive details of Insomniac’s colourful Xbox One shooter Sunset Overdrive. | News | Xbox One


Bugbear Entertainment on "Next Car Game" and the simple pleasure of messy driving

189 days 2 hours ago - Admit it: whenever a new Colin McRae or TOCA release presented another nuanced handling model to master, the first thing you did after putting the... | News | PC


Nintendo’s next Mario game for Wii U could use the GamePad more, says 3D World’s co-director

199 days 5 hours ago - Nintendo’s design team has told Edge Online that work has begun on the next Mario game, and that if it is to be a Wii U title, it could make greate... | News | Wii U


Ubisoft Will Continue to Support ‘Old Gen’ Consoles for Years to Come

210 days 9 hours ago - Ubisoft isn’t leaving Xbox 360 and PS3 development behind just yet – it’ll continue to support the consoles for several more years, says its vice p... | News | Xbox 360


The making of Shenmue: Yu Suzuki on the cult classic’s genesis, development – and its future

217 days 17 hours ago - Surprising precisely no-one, the first audience question asked at Yu Suzuki’s captivating and revealing Shenmue postmortem was about Shenmue III. S... | News | Game Developers Conference


Media Molecule, Naughty Dog and more to flock to Teesside’s Animex festival

259 days 10 hours ago - Animex is a week-long festival celebrating games, animation, comics and visual effects through a programme of talks and workshops. It prides itself... | News | Industry


Dark Souls’ producer says PC version was rushed, problems “were expected”

308 days 13 hours ago - ark Souls II producer Takeshi Miyazoe promises the company has learned from the mistakes made with the PC port of the first game – and that the seq... | News | PC


As consoles embrace indie games, the balance of power is shifting, say developers

309 days 13 hours ago - Indie games have come further in 2013 than in any year before. Stand-out titles like Don’t Starve, Gone Home and Papers, Please did both their deve... | News | PS4


Is PS4′s audience ready for free-to-play indie titles? Early bird developers say yes

315 days 5 hours ago - Free-to-play games have walked a difficult line on PC and mobile devices. On the one hand, they’re a positive extension of the demo concept of yore... | News | PS4


Get Into Games: ‘Students should anticipate PlayStation 5′

327 days 8 hours ago - A leading games academic believes anyone seeking a career in the industry should be looking beyond the current generation of consoles in anticipati... | News | PS4


Meet the small Finnish firm helping Call Of Duty, Destiny, Killzone and more look truly next-gen

350 days 1 hour ago - “When you have to build something mostly on unfinished hardware and services like a launch game, it’s very tough,” he says. “The fact that the next... | News | PC


From crisis to contender – Microsoft on Xbox One policy reversals and the power of the crowd

395 days 13 hours ago - “I think when you create a vision of the future, you paint the vision of the future that you are most excited about,” Microsoft’s Phil Harrison tel... | News | Xbox One


EA, Wargaming and Peter Molyneux on the uncertain future of triple-A game development

401 days 10 hours ago - EDGE: "Next week, Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi, EA’s chief creative officer Richard Hilleman and 22cans’ Peter Molyneux will be among the speakers a... | News | Industry


Gaijin on why War Thunder isn’t coming to Xbox One

427 days 16 hours ago - Gaijin Entertainment confirmed that it will be releasing its free-to-play aerial combat MMOG War Thunder on PS4 in time for launch earlier this wee... | News | PS4


New Game Incoming-Grave

453 days 23 hours ago - Canabalt creator Adam “Atomic” Saltsman and Aquaria designer Alec Holowka have announced they’ve teamed up to work on Grave, a new game that Saltsm... | News | Industry


Development on Xbox One is a wonderful idea, says Notch

455 days 13 hours ago - Mojang boss Markus ‘Notch’ Persson has welcomed Microsoft’s move to turn every Xbox One into a devkit, describing it as a “wonderful idea”. | News | Xbox One


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post
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