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A Closer Look at the Capabilities of the PlayStation 4 Eye Camera

1088 days 6 hours ago - E-mpire writes: Sony revealed the successor to the popular PlayStation Eye camera last night during the PlayStation 4 reveal. This camera has a lot... | Article | PS4


IllumiRoom: Video Projection Mapping Meets Video Game

1129 days 18 hours ago - E-mpire Writes: As someone who does video projection mapping installations for a living, I was quite excited to hear about IllumiRoom. What sort of... | Article | Xbox


Herman Cain's 999 Tax Plan... Originally Seen in Sim City 4?

1583 days 3 hours ago - E-mpire writes: Ever wonder where the presidential candidate came up with his plan? Here's an idea... | Article | PC


A Butthurt Perspective of the Changing Gaming Industry

1594 days 16 hours ago - E-mpire Writes: Satirical title alert! The gaming industry has gone through many changes, but to people like me who grew up playing video games, th... | Article | Wii


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Five Cancelled Titles That Were Overhauled to Become New Games

1603 days 16 hours ago - E-mpire Writes: Don’t you hate it when you begin anticipating a newly announced game then all connections to the game is somehow lost? Then after m... | Article | PS2


8 Sub-$1,000 Larger Screen Alternatives to the PlayStation 3D Display

1650 days 10 hours ago - E-mpire writes: Some were disappointed that the PlayStation 3D display only has a 24 inch screen, despite it only costing $500 and having the abili... | Article | Xbox 360


Top 5 Wii Titles You Forgot Were Cancelled

1736 days 18 hours ago - The Wii has been on store shelves for nearly 5 years now. Through these five years, there's been many titles released, but sadly, there's been titl... | Article | Wii


Live Action Call of Duty Zombies

1741 days 13 hours ago - Check out a new video by future Youtube sensations, Kamikaze423. The video is based upon Treyarch's Call of Duty Zombie mode. In the video, you'll... | Article | Wii


Could We See True Stereoscopic 3D VR On PS3?

1865 days 12 hours ago - E-mpire: Sony announced a stereoscopic 3D headset for PS3 and Blu-Ray players during their CES 2011 keynote speech. This article examines how Sony... | Article | PS3


The Evolution of Wii Controls

1982 days 16 hours ago - For today, I wanted to leave the level of thinking constantly about software behind. Let's go a few years back. In 2008-2009, with the Wii finally... | Article | Wii


Deja Vu

2003 days 20 hours ago - It was 1985, not too long after the dreadful Videogame Crash. No business in their right mind would attempt such a risky, crazy, ultimately doomed... | Article | Wii


Criteria of A Classic

2021 days 21 hours ago - What are the classic games? Legend of Zelda? Super Mario Bros.? Donkey Kong? Pac-Man? Tetris? Super Metroid? I am missing many others, but this isn... | Article | Wii


Return of the IP: How Snowblind Will Save LOTR

2066 days 10 hours ago - PSInsider writes: You can't just walk into Mordor, and, these days, you can't just walk into the store and pick up a quality Lord of the Rings titl... | Article | PC


PSInsider: Behind Closed Doors: id's RAGE

2067 days 22 hours ago - PSInsider writes: Today's behind-closed-doors showing of the 30-minute E3 2010 RAGE demo set my little heart aflutter with memories of ancient mega... | Article | PC


Sony, Seriously... WTF?

2067 days 23 hours ago - PSInsider Writes: Here we are going on year 4 of the PS3's life. It now enjoys a comfortable price point, a plethora of great gaming content, and a... | Article | Xbox 360


PSInsider: KZ3 in 3-D Blows Away the Avatar Experience

2068 days 9 hours ago - PSInsider writes: Most core gamers tend to view Sony's 3-D push as something of a boondoggle, the company tilting after expensive windmills and div... | Article | PS3


PSInsider: Why Sony's Conference was Disappointing

2069 days 8 hours ago - writes: With significant portions of the Sony conference dedicated to 3D gaming (that few can afford), the new Move controller (that... | Article | PS3


Professor Layton and The Mask of Miracle First Look

2069 days 10 hours ago - Nintendno Now: "Here is the first look at Level 5's new Professor Layton game for the Nintendo 3DS." | Article | Nintendo DS


Dance Central: The first real dancing game?

2069 days 12 hours ago - Xbox Evolved: "Dance Central, a Kinect game developed by Harmonix and published by MTV Games, will be coming exclusively to the 360 this holiday... | Article | Xbox 360


Metal Gear Solid 3DS Looks Amazing

2069 days 14 hours ago - Nintendo Now: "Today as Nintendo announced the 3DS system, they promised to have more 3rd party support and from some of the best developers. " | Article | Nintendo DS


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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