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Sony, Seriously... WTF?

1989 days 19 hours ago - PSInsider Writes: Here we are going on year 4 of the PS3's life. It now enjoys a comfortable price point, a plethora of great gaming content, and a... | Article | Xbox 360


Xbox One Reveal Impressions... WTF???

920 days 16 hours ago - E-mpire writes: Microsoft revealed their next generation console today, and it left a lot of us scratching our heads. From charging you to play use... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


The Many Lies of Anonymous

1679 days 12 hours ago - E-mpire writes: A look at the many times Anonymous has contradicted it's own word while carrying out #OpSony. | Opinion piece | PSP


How PS4 Could Overpower a More Powerful PC

1009 days 16 hours ago - E-mpire writes: Some have criticized Sony for abandoning the exotic, custom processors they have usually used in their PlayStation consoles for mor... | Opinion piece | PC


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PSInsider: Why Sony's Conference was Disappointing

1991 days 4 hours ago - writes: With significant portions of the Sony conference dedicated to 3D gaming (that few can afford), the new Move controller (that... | Article | PS3


You Can Blame Anon All You Want, But Face It... Sony Really F%#^$d Up

1676 days 14 hours ago - Yes, the hackers have screwed us over. They turned on the very people they claimed to be helping. This article explains how, despite that, Sony sti... | Opinion piece | PS2


Metal Gear Solid 3DS Looks Amazing

1991 days 10 hours ago - Nintendo Now: "Today as Nintendo announced the 3DS system, they promised to have more 3rd party support and from some of the best developers. " | Article | Nintendo DS


Five Cancelled Titles That Were Overhauled to Become New Games

1525 days 11 hours ago - E-mpire Writes: Don’t you hate it when you begin anticipating a newly announced game then all connections to the game is somehow lost? Then after m... | Article | PS2


Official and Full Details of the Call of Duty Activision/Microsoft Agreement

1992 days 15 hours ago - Xbox Evolved: "Multi-Title, Multi-Year Agreement for Blockbuster Franchise Extends Through 2012 " | News | PC


PlayStation's New Direction: 1,000 Small Steps Forward, One GIANT Leap Backwards

900 days 6 hours ago - E-mpire writes: Sony came out swinging today, but let one slip at the same time that redefines what PlayStation has always stood for when it comes... | Opinion piece | PS4


Halo: Reach E3 2010 Gameplay Trailer

1992 days 16 hours ago - Xbox Evolved: "Going above and beyond is standard operating procedure for the Spartans of Noble Team, but even they weren’t prepared for Operati... | Video | Xbox 360


Rockstar Delays May 6 Event Due to PSN Downtime. Signs of Even Longer PSN Outage?

1669 days 11 hours ago - Rockstar Games has delayed their Social Club Multiplayer Events scheduled to take place on May 6... Could this be another sign of a longer than ant... | Rumor | PSP


Five Reasons This Generation Sucked

1495 days 8 hours ago - E-mpire Writes: We are now six years into this console generation, and with the announcement of Nintendo’s latest console, the Nintendo Wii U, this... | Opinion piece | PC


Amazing New Gameplay and Trailer for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

1991 days 13 hours ago - Xbox Evolved: "Straight from this year's E3 and NamcoBandai's oven. Check it out." | Video | Xbox 360


Amazing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Screenshots

1992 days 8 hours ago - Xbox Evolved: "Fresh from the Ubisoft ovens are some amazing Ghost Recon screenshots for you to drool over." | Screenshot | Nintendo DS


PSInsider: KZ3 in 3-D Blows Away the Avatar Experience

1990 days 4 hours ago - PSInsider writes: Most core gamers tend to view Sony's 3-D push as something of a boondoggle, the company tilting after expensive windmills and div... | Article | PS3


Top 5 Wii Titles You Forgot Were Cancelled

1658 days 13 hours ago - The Wii has been on store shelves for nearly 5 years now. Through these five years, there's been many titles released, but sadly, there's been titl... | Article | Wii


Sony Files Patent For Depth Sensing Camera, New Motion Controllers

1531 days 1 hour ago - E-mpire Writes: Sony has recently filed a patent that may shed some light on the future of motion control on PlayStation. | News | PS3


Microsoft's Xbox One Console: Not Friendly to Our Troops

903 days 12 hours ago - E-mpire writes: The new Xbox One console has been revealed to have some restrictive DRM policies. While most people will be able to enjoy their gam... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Naughty Dog Jokes 'Unkarted', Talks Uncharted 3 & Playing Uncharted: Golden Abyss

1500 days 15 hours ago - MXE: "This is from the Uncharted 3, Play It First in 3D event by AMC and SCEA/Naughty Dog on October 18, 2011. Naughty God answers fan Questions... | Video | PS3


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