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Robots Are For Testing: Platcore Gameplay Trailer Released

1279 days 2 hours ago - Platcore is a new game that has you playing as a tiny robot, called a Platbot, being subjected to multiple tests by your owner and parent company P... | Trailer | PC


Short But Neat: First Deponia Trailer Online

1292 days 23 hours ago - Daedalic Entertainment has released ts first teaser trailer for upcoming adventure game: Deponia. | Trailer | PC


Dungeons of Dredmor: Realm of the Diggle Gods Trailer Revealed; Launching Tomorrow?

1331 days 16 hours ago - Gaslamp Games has unveiled the official trailer for Realm of the Diggle Gods and have stated through their Twitter feed a possible release date. | Trailer | PC


Brawsome Unveil First Official MacGuffin's Curse Trailer

1335 days 1 hour ago - The guys from Brawsome have released their first trailer for upcoming action adventure puzzler: MacGuffin's Curse. | Trailer | PC


Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition (XB1) Review

Now - Ken revisits the fourth entry in the saga of Dante (and Nero). | Promoted post

Threaks Unveils First Beatbuddy Trailer

1338 days 5 hours ago - Beatbuddy, by Threaks, is a musical action adventure game submitted to the IGF. This is the first official gameplay trailer we've seen. | Trailer | PC


I Will Not Become a Cookie! Sugar Cube: The Bittersweet Factory IGF 2012 Trailer

1369 days 6 hours ago - Turtle Cream's upcoming debut "Sugar Cube: The Bittersweet Factory" will be coming out soon, and this new trailer shows off its amazing promise. | Trailer | PC


Newest Trailer for Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftovers Looks Great

1372 days 12 hours ago - The newest and greatest trailer for Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftovers. This marks the final Alpha trailer. | Trailer | PC


Play As Biffman, Retro City Rampage's Very Own Super Hero [Trailer]

1376 days 23 hours ago - Vblank Entertainment has revealed a new trailer which shows off Biffman, Thiftopolis City's very own super hero. The player gets his own Biffcave,... | Trailer | Wii


Indie Metroidvania "The Iconoclasts" IGF Trailer

1387 days 1 hour ago - Konjak has released a new trailer showing off HD footage of indie Metroidvania The Iconoclasts. | Trailer | PC


Oh Yeah... The Spire is Gonna be Good [Trailer]

1705 days 14 hours ago - The Spire is an indie FPS that is very reminiscent of games like Portal and Half-Life 2, particularly in the player's ability to kinetically pull a... | Trailer | PC


Trailer: Wanderlust: Rebirth, an Online Co-op 2D RPGRebirth

1708 days 14 hours ago - Wanderlust: Rebirth is a unique 4-player co-op, top-down RPG that features graphics that are reminiscent of the SNES era. | Trailer | PC


Trailer: Monsterland, a Alphabet-based Shooter

1714 days 13 hours ago - Monsterland is an Alphabet-based top-down shooter that is immediately similar in aesthetics to Dwarf Fortress. | Trailer | PC

Gameplay Trailer: Strange World: Castaway

1734 days 13 hours ago - Trailer for Strange World: Castaway, a quirky little puzzle platformer by Pure Indie Games. | Trailer | PC


Overgrowth's New Alpha Trailer is Gettng Me Excited

1742 days 13 hours ago - Developer Wolfire Games has released a new trailer that is a bit of a departure from the studio's usual whimsical take on their usual videos. | Trailer | PC

Enjoy This Wonderful Cave Story DSiWare Trailer

1742 days 15 hours ago - Nintendo has released the first official Cave Story DSiWare trailer. While no release date has yet been set, the game is definitely shaping up to b... | Trailer | Nintendo DS


Developer Tons of Bits Release First Chick Chick Boom Trailer for WiiWare

1754 days 19 hours ago - Developers Tons of Bits have finally released a trailer that shows just what kind of gameplay we can expect in their upcoming Chick Chick Boom WiiW... | Trailer | Wii

Indie? Maybe. Awesome? Most Definitely. Trine 2 [Trailer]

1754 days 23 hours ago - Developer Frozenbyte has released a new trailer for its upcoming sequel, Trine 2. The trailer showcases not only gameplay but also a piece of the c... | Trailer | PC


A PSP Mini Like No Other, ‘Where is My Heart?’

1847 days 23 hours ago - The upcoming PSP Mini is far more impressive than any to have come before it. Utilizing the Comic Panel Effect, die gute Fabrik hopes to wow gamers... | Trailer | PSP


New Gameplay Trailer for Super Meat Boy from Microsoft

1876 days 13 hours ago - Microsoft has let loose a new gameplay trailer of Team Meat's upcoming Super Meat Boy XBLA timed exclusive. | Trailer | Xbox 360

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