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Browser Game Pick – Echo Bazaar

901 days 16 hours ago - DIYGamer: Victorian London has been a strange place ever since the ground opened up and swallowed it whole. For starters, nobody seems to die anymo... | Opinion piece | PC


Suggestions for Indie Game Bundle Reform

945 days 5 hours ago - With so many game bundles coming and going these days, we thought a bit of reform suggestions were needed to ensure that the bundle concept wouldn'... | Opinion piece | PC


Indie Game Bundles Need Take a Break, And Why I Don't Want Them To

957 days 2 hours ago - DIYGamer: "With so many bundles launching, I decided it was time to take a look at the possible damage being done o the indie PC gaming industry by... | Opinion piece | PC


Freeware Game Pick – Zelda Classic

982 days 9 hours ago - DIYGamer: It’s been 25 years since Nintendo launched their second grand flagship franchise; a free-roaming action adventure about an elf in a flopp... | Opinion piece | PC


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DIYGamer: Mod Spotlight – Brutal Doom v0.13

989 days 2 hours ago - DIYGamer: Another retro mod spotlight, yes, but this one is special. I’ve been saving this one for a rainy day – this, without a doubt, is one of m... | Opinion piece | PC


DIYGamer: Freeware Game Pick – Forsaken: Project X

996 days 23 hours ago - DIYGamer: If you suffer from motion sickness or a poor sense of direction, just move on. There are other games for you. For those with a strong sto... | Opinion piece | PC


DIYGamer: Halloween Mod Spotlight – Clan Quest Mod for Vampire: Bloodlines

1004 days 1 hour ago - DIYGamer: Troika never caught a break, did they? The game that killed them – Vampire: The Masequerade – Bloodlines – has been hailed as one of the... | Opinion piece | PC


DIYGamer: Mod Spotlight – Underlord for Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

1019 days 8 hours ago - DIYGamer: Underlord by Munderbunny is part fan-patch (it uses a community patching project as its foundation), part broad-spectrum rebalance, part... | Opinion piece | PC


DIYGamer: Freeware Game Pick – Warzone 2100

1023 days 9 hours ago - DIYGamer: A growing, laudable trend in games development recently has been for older studios to release the source-code and (sometimes) the actual... | Opinion piece | PC


Minecraft is No Longer Just a Game, It's a Genre

1027 days 11 hours ago - With more and more Minecraft-likes coming out, Minecraft has successfully transcended from being just a game to being a genre unto itself. (And why... | Opinion piece | PC


Death To Sprites! – A Freeware Retro FPS Roundup

1096 days 19 hours ago - Old school PC shooters are not only relevant still. They are crazy fun. DIYGamer's Dominic Tarason presents a laundry list of such fun games. | Opinion piece | PC


[Reader Poll] Develop Conference Indie Showcase Finalist Game Footage

1117 days 3 hours ago - Check out game footage for the finalists and vote for which game you think deserves the recognition! | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


What's Indie? -- Some Thoughts on The General Coverage Blanket

1462 days 22 hours ago - DIYGamer: "This past weekend, Steam and several other digital distributors had a variety of discounted offerings as most of PC publisher Paradox In... | Opinion piece | PC

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