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Nyu’s From Japan – Nyu Media Info Barrage

1290 days 11 hours ago - DIYGamer: New Japanese indie localization group Nyu Media are really bringing out the big guns today. Three bits of notable news hitting the intern... | News | PC


Exterminator, Too – The Ballads of Remus Released on Desura

1290 days 14 hours ago - DIYGamer: The classic point-and-click adventure has been going from strength to strength these past few years, largely due to a rise in small indep... | News | PC


Freeware Game Pick – They Came From Verminest

1291 days 12 hours ago - DIYGamer: Locomalito (creator of 8-Bit Killer, Hydorah and others) releasing a new game is always a good reason to sit up, pay attention and play s... | News | PC


Pounding, Soulful Hearts Afire and Alight – Indie Royale Returns for Valentines

1296 days 13 hours ago - It seems that so long as people keep buying them, then indie bundles are going to keep coming. Indie Royale is back again with a bundle of five gam... | News | PC


The Xbox One Games You Need to Play in August

Now - A new month has rolled up which means new releases are on the horizon. Microsoft has a fairly good line-up on the way for August, so let’s take a l... | Promoted post

Groupees "Be Mine" Indie Game Bundle Has a Challenge for You

1300 days 12 hours ago - Groupees is launching their next indie game bundle on February 14th and have shown off a teaser of the five indie games involved. | News | PC


The Indie Gala Returns With A Multitude Of Bundles

1303 days ago - DIYGamer: Digital scarcity is an interesting concept. There should be no logical limit on how many times you can copy a file or generate a key, som... | News | PC


Nyu Media To Release 3 More Localized Shmups This Month

1303 days 10 hours ago - DIYGamer: The Japanese indie scene is finally making it’s presence known to the English-speaking world. Hot on the tail of Fortune Summoners, Nyu M... | News | PC


Minecraft of Duty: Brick-Force Closed Beta "Opening" February 28th

1303 days 19 hours ago - The Minecraft/Call of Duty hybrid game Brick-Force is finally letting players into the closed beta beginning February 28th. | News | PC


Gorilla My Dreams – Natural Selection 2 Updates With Stunning Gameplay Trailer

1304 days 4 hours ago - DIYGamer: Along with Overgrowth and Cortex Command, Unknown Worlds’ FPS/RTS hybrid Natural Selection 2 is one of those indie mega-projects that see... | News | PC


Dead Pixels Receives New Modes, Difficulty Level, Bug Fixes

1304 days 13 hours ago - Popular XBLIG game Dead Pixels has received a sizable update that includes a couple new game modes, a new difficulty level and a series of bug fixes. | News | Xbox 360


IGN's Indie Dev Reality Series Returns

1305 days 11 hours ago - IGN has fired up its reality series once again pitting 6 indie development companies against each other for prizes and a spot in the IGN Open House. | News | Culture


Golden Axe-Like Beat 'Em Up, Barbarian Battle Quest, Looks Fun

1306 days ago - Thomas Mason has shown off his in development retro-ized beat 'em up inspired by the Golden Axe series. | News | PC

Cube World Screenshots and Video Show Off Spirit System

1306 days 1 hour ago - Cube World developer Wollay has shown off the new Spirit upgrading system in these screenshots and video. | News | PC


Will Fight For Food Launches From The Turnbuckle, Dropkicks A Mini Demo Onto Desura

1306 days 15 hours ago - Pyrodactyl Games has released a demo for their upcoming RPG/beat 'em up "Will Fight for Food" lovingly termed a Role Player Brawler. | News | PC


Apparently Indie Game: The Movie Impressed All Those Hollywood Types

1306 days 15 hours ago - Indie Game: The Movie won the Sundance award for best editing, reaching another far flung milestone. | News | Culture


Terry Cavanagh's Newest Game, ChatChat, Turns You Into a Cat

1307 days 12 hours ago - Terry Cavanagh released a new game onto Kongregate that has you simply exploring the life as a stray cat: chasing mice, meowing, grooming oneself m... | News | PC


Gateways Takes Portal To A Whole New Dimension

1307 days 12 hours ago - Gateways takes the idea of "portaling" to the 2D platforming realm and creates some very unique puzzles along the way in the Metroidvania platformer. | News | PC


Dream.Build.Play Finalist Orbitron: Revolution is Heading to PC

1308 days 21 hours ago - Firebase Industries has announced that their Dream.Build.Play finalist game Orbitron: Revolution will be getting a PC release with enhanced technic... | News | PC


Frozen Synapse DLC Packing Mutators, Music, and More

1311 days 6 hours ago - DIYGamer: "The guys at Mode 7 Games, creators of the hit turn-based strategy title Frozen Synapse, have been gradually oozing out bits of info for... | News | PC


Luke Schneider on the Past, Present, and Future of Radiangames [Interview]

1311 days 6 hours ago - DIYGamer: "Radiangames hit the XBLIG scene in 2010 with debut title Joy Joy, and has since been on a development tour de force, releasing a myriad... | News | PC


Killer Instinct: Season 2 (XB1) Review

Now - Drew finally reviews the complete Season 2 of Killer Instinct. | Promoted post
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