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Terraria Inspirations, Robot Origins and More... The BIG Epic Inventor Interview

1282 days 10 hours ago - DIYGamer: "Epic Inventor was one of the bright spots in 2011 with it's fun Terraria-inspired gameplay. In this interview we talk about everything f... | Interview | PC


Heroes, Multiplayer, Beta and More... the BIG Towns Interview | DIYGamer

1303 days 7 hours ago - "In this interview we discuss everything from multiplayer to a new "Hero" system for city simulation/dwarf fortress inspired game Tow... | Interview | PC


All Things Awesome... The BIG Dejobaan and Owlchemy Dual Interview | DIYGamer

1315 days 1 hour ago - DIYgamer: "With their newest release: Aaaaa! For the Awesome out now. Igrabbed the chance at sitting down with both Ichiro Lambe of Dejobaan Games... | Interview | PC


These Guys Really Are Humble... The Humble Bundle Interview

1328 days 15 hours ago - Richard Esguerra from the Humble Bundle sat down to answer some questions about the future of the bundle, the proceeds made so far, and a hint at t... | Interview | Industry


Enter to Win an Amazon Gift Card and GameMaker: Studio Professional

Now - Today we are giving away three (3) $25 Amazon Gift Cards and a copy of GameMaker: Studio Professional. | Promoted post

Minecraft, Terraria and Now Junk Jack [Interview] | DIYGamer

1334 days 10 hours ago - In an interview with PixBits about Terraria-like Junk Jack, the developers discuss their growing community, Android/PC ports and future development... | Interview | iPhone


[Interview] Aaron Rasmussen on Crafting Survival Horror Sans Graphics in BlindSide (DIYGamer)

1336 days 10 hours ago - DIYGamer: "Perhaps you have, or perhaps you haven’t heard of BlindSide: The Audio Adventure Video Game. If you have yet to, head over to the succes... | Interview | PC


The Iconoclasts and Konjak; An Chat With Joakim Sandberg [Interview] | DIYGamer

1340 days 12 hours ago - DIYGamer: I sat down with Joakim Sandberg of Konjak to discuss everything about his latest game The Iconoclasts: IGF, future updates, release detai... | Interview | PC


Thomas Was Alone: Mike Bithell Interview [GameCity]

1344 days 15 hours ago - An interview with indie game dev, Mike Bithell, about his upcoming platformer, Thomas Was Alone. | Interview | PC


A Bundle of Information on Indie Royale [Interview] | DIYGamer

1345 days 12 hours ago - DIYGamer: After Indie Royale launched last week, I was able to sit down with Michael Rose one of the original designers of the site to ask him all... | Interview | PC


Harder to Judge Than IGF Pirate Kart? Vlambeer’s Unplayable GlitchHiker

1345 days 22 hours ago - [DIYGamer] Vlambeer‘s Global Game Jam jury and audience awards winner GlitchHiker is now dead on arrival at the virtual footsteps of the IGF 2012 j... | Interview | PC


Parallax Devs on the Importance of Portals, Dimensions, and Toast [Interivew]

1352 days ago - [DIYGamer] DIY was very intrigued by the IGF 2012 entry, Parallax, from Toasty Games. Lewie brought you the first look of the beautiful monochromat... | Interview | PC


Dungeons of Dredmor, Sonic Porn, Gaslamp Games' Origin Story and More [Interview] | DIYGamer

1355 days 9 hours ago - Earlier this week sat down with the three developers at Gaslamp Games to discuss Dungeons of Dredmor, future expansions, and the studi... | Interview | PC


IGF 2012 Entrant Pirate Kart Compiles 300+ Games from 100+ Devs

1358 days 5 hours ago - [DIYGamer] Glorious Trainwrecks and its indie collective have contributed over 300 games made quickly from over 100 developers for an entry titled... | Interview | PC


Lars Doucet on How Defender’s Quest is Not Final Fantasy: Crystal Defenders

1364 days 5 hours ago - [DIYGamer] I think I am going to ask developers about how their games differ from a specific title more often. The following words from Lars Doucet... | Interview | PC


Waves: Rob Hale Interview [Eurogamer Expo]

1371 days 22 hours ago - DIYGamer writes: Next up in our continuing coverage from the Indie Arcade at Eurogamer Expo 2011 is an interview with Rob Hale from Squid in a box.... | Interview | PC


[DIYGamer] Colin "Fantastic Contraption" Northway Talks Incredipede, Incredipede 2

1375 days 4 hours ago - In this interview, DIYGamer speaks with Colin Northway. Not only does he make wow-worthy games such as physics puzzler Fantastic Contraption, he li... | Interview | PC


At A Distance: Terry Cavanagh Interview [Eurogamer Expo] | DIYGamer

1379 days 8 hours ago - sat down with indie developer Terry Cavanagh this past weekend at Eurogamer Expo to discuss his newest title: At A Distance. | Interview | PC


The Big FortressCraft Interview; Talking Sales, Money, PC Ports, and Future Updates

1388 days 17 hours ago - sat down with FortressCraft developer DjARcas to discuss everything from sales and money to future updates and a PC port of FortressCr... | Interview | PC


An Informative Chat with Project Manager Emil Ayoubkhan at The Behemoth Booth [Comic-Con 2011]

1445 days 22 hours ago - DIYGamer writes that Behemoth is working on more iOS titles and is preparing more Castle Crashers content for XBLA. Also, the writer stumbles upon... | Interview | PC


A Kickstarter Success Story – Patch Notes: The Game [Interview]

1448 days 13 hours ago - DIYGAMER: Castle Crashers or Dead Space inspired? You decide. Either way, the developers have earned enough money to continue their dream of making... | Interview | Xbox 360


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