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Golden Axe-Like Beat 'Em Up, Barbarian Battle Quest, Looks Fun

1397 days 4 hours ago - Thomas Mason has shown off his in development retro-ized beat 'em up inspired by the Golden Axe series. | News | PC

Cube World Screenshots and Video Show Off Spirit System

1397 days 5 hours ago - Cube World developer Wollay has shown off the new Spirit upgrading system in these screenshots and video. | News | PC


Will Fight For Food Launches From The Turnbuckle, Dropkicks A Mini Demo Onto Desura

1397 days 19 hours ago - Pyrodactyl Games has released a demo for their upcoming RPG/beat 'em up "Will Fight for Food" lovingly termed a Role Player Brawler. | News | PC


Apparently Indie Game: The Movie Impressed All Those Hollywood Types

1397 days 19 hours ago - Indie Game: The Movie won the Sundance award for best editing, reaching another far flung milestone. | News | Culture


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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Terry Cavanagh's Newest Game, ChatChat, Turns You Into a Cat

1398 days 16 hours ago - Terry Cavanagh released a new game onto Kongregate that has you simply exploring the life as a stray cat: chasing mice, meowing, grooming oneself m... | News | PC


Gateways Takes Portal To A Whole New Dimension

1398 days 16 hours ago - Gateways takes the idea of "portaling" to the 2D platforming realm and creates some very unique puzzles along the way in the Metroidvania platformer. | News | PC


Dream.Build.Play Finalist Orbitron: Revolution is Heading to PC

1400 days 1 hour ago - Firebase Industries has announced that their Dream.Build.Play finalist game Orbitron: Revolution will be getting a PC release with enhanced technic... | News | PC


The Other Brothers Screenshots Are Definitely Super

1400 days 4 hours ago - The Other Brothers are a unique twist on the classic Super Mario Brothers franchise with great pixel art. The game promises similar gameplay but wi... | Screenshot | iPhone


Freeware Game Pick - Arcadia: A Pastoral Tale | DIYGamer

1400 days 16 hours ago - Arcadia is a quick, text-based adventure developed by Jonas Kyrates. In many ways it's reminiscent of the old "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" books. | Review | PC


Frozen Synapse DLC Packing Mutators, Music, and More

1402 days 10 hours ago - DIYGamer: "The guys at Mode 7 Games, creators of the hit turn-based strategy title Frozen Synapse, have been gradually oozing out bits of info for... | News | PC


Luke Schneider on the Past, Present, and Future of Radiangames [Interview]

1402 days 10 hours ago - DIYGamer: "Radiangames hit the XBLIG scene in 2010 with debut title Joy Joy, and has since been on a development tour de force, releasing a myriad... | News | PC


FTL (Faster Than Light) Is The Next Great Roguelike(-like)

1402 days 10 hours ago - FTL is a still-in-development roguelike-like that has you controlling a starship as it undertakes "faster than light" travel around the galaxy | News | PC


This Little Craft Of Mine... Lunar Flight [Review] | DIYGamer

1402 days 20 hours ago - DIYGamer writes: "If you've ever been at all interested in space travel - if you've ever been fascinated by footage from landing craft coasting gen... | Review | PC


A Different Kind of Videogame Piracy: Blackreef Pirates

1403 days 6 hours ago - Blackreef Pirates is an in-development pirate game that promises to be the best independent pirate RPG. The game is available right now as a trial... | News | PC


An Idea, Reimagined: Tri 2 Aims For Original First-Person Puzzling

1403 days 19 hours ago - After creating the original Tri for Ludum Dare 20, Tri 2 is looking to bring a fresh perspective on the first person puzzler genre, inspired by the... | News | PC


Player-Created Delve Deeper DLC Gratis Grottos Free on Steam

1404 days 1 hour ago - Happy news incoming from Lunar Giant Studios as they announce the release of new Delve Deeper DLC, available now automatically to download on Steam... | News | PC


Fortune Summoners Pushed to January 24th with Lower Price Tag

1404 days 1 hour ago - DIYGamer: "Carpe Fulgur has announced a couple important bits of info regarding the recently revealed translation of Lizsoft Game Studios action RP... | News | PC


Cube World Shows off Blueprints, Upgrades and Adorable Pets

1405 days ago - Wollay has shown off a few new features via screenshots in blueprints (to build houses), pets, and upgrading armor. He's also shown off a couple ne... | News | PC


Shoot 'Em Up "Game Type" Recieves Major Update

1405 days 1 hour ago - Xbox dashboard protest game/shmup "Game Type" has received a large update which adds, and modifies many of the core elements. | News | Xbox 360


Seriously!? – The Indie Royale Lightning Pack Offers Six Times The Sam

1405 days 5 hours ago - DIYGamer: The 2011 phenomenon that is Bundlemania continues unabated into the much more futuristic-sounding 2012. Sneaking in out of nowhere, Indie... | News | PC


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