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Daily Nintendo: Chrono Trigger Review

1961 days 23 hours ago - Wait for Chrono Trigger's price to go down before buying it. Without doubt, Chrono Trigger remains to be a classic that begs to be played by old-sc... | Review | 5


Daily Nintendo: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Review

1961 days 23 hours ago - When all is said and done, Web of Shadows doesn't have anything else to offer beyond the first and second playthrough. Despite the rather short rid... | Review | 5


Daily Nintendo: Knights in the Nightmare Review

1772 days 18 hours ago - Daily Nintendo writes: "Knights in the Nightmare is arguably the most complex game on the Nintendo DS, but don't let that stop you from owning... | Review | 5


Daily NIntendo: Valkyrie Profile Review

1842 days 23 hours ago - If you're tired of the hackneyed anime feel that's prevalent in RPGs these days, then take Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume for a spin. The... | Review | 5


Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

Snippets gleaned from Monster Hunter 3 trailer

1742 days 3 hours ago - Daily Nintendo has been busy looking at the new Monster Hunter 3 trailer. It appears that the blog has scraped together some clues on what to expec... | Article | 3


Daily Nintendo: Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 Review

1962 days ago - Stay away from WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 for the DS. It may look and sound pretty, but it's all moot when one is on the brink of smashing the hand... | Review | 5


Review - Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Daily Nintendo)

1760 days 7 hours ago - Daily Nintendo: "During the past decade, Ghostbusters games were limited to mediocre tie-ins for Nintendo handhelds, probably because the fran... | Review | 5


Daily Nintendo: Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier Review

1809 days 4 hours ago - Daily Nintendo writes: "But if battles and busts are enough to intrigue you, by all means, give Endless Frontier a try. While Super Robot Tais... | Review | 5


Daily Nintendo Review - G-Force (DS)

1716 days 4 hours ago - Movie-based games aren't always as bad as you think. Case in point: the DS version of G-Force provides a surprisingly decent amount of fun, which i... | Review | 5


Daily Nintendo: Age of Empires: Mythologies Review

1961 days 23 hours ago - Mythologies may feel very similar to its predecessor, but everything about this new installment feels bigger and better. The visuals are improved,... | Review | 5


Daily Nintendo: Dragon Ball Z: Attack of Saiyans Review

1595 days 19 hours ago - If you're a Dragon Ball fan, Attack of the Saiyans should be a fun romp that would keep you entertained on the go. The game could certainly use mor... | Review | 5


Daily Nintendo: Tales of Monkey Island Review

1720 days 20 hours ago - If you're one of the Monkey Island faithful who's waiting since Escape back in 2000, then you shouldn't waste any time getting this latest installm... | Review | 3


Daily NIntendo: Rhythm Heaven Review

1813 days 13 hours ago - Given its imprecise touch controls and disappointingly short length, it's hard to recommend Rhythm Heaven as a must-have. Rent it, play it in short... | Review | 5


Daily Nintendo: de Blob Review

1813 days 13 hours ago - While the Wii has been enjoying a huge lead in this generation's console wars, its good titles come mostly from Nintendo. The arrival of de Blob fo... | Review | 3


Daily Nintendo Review: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (DS)

1739 days 14 hours ago - Daily Nintendo weighs in on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, another movie-based game for the Nintendo DS. Does the game manage to break free o... | Review | 5


Daily Nintendo: C.O.P. The Recruit Review

1595 days 19 hours ago - All things considered, C.O.P. The Recruit feels inadequate. Despite its impressive technical feats, the game doesn't play very well. It almost feel... | Review | 5


Daily Nintendo: Madworld Review

1813 days 13 hours ago - Madworld is perfect for the Wii. If the game were to be ported to one of the more powerful HD consoles, it wouldn't be as fun and you have the wagg... | Review | 3


Daily Nintendo: Sonic Chronicles Review

2025 days 6 hours ago - Sonic Chronicles is quite tricky to review; though it shows a lot of promise, there are quite a number of blemishes that hurt the game's overall qu... | Review | 5


Daily Nintendo: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Review

1720 days 20 hours ago - It's a known fact that movie-based games are rushed to meet screening date deadlines, but earning money for poor-quality cash-ins is deplorable. Ev... | Review | 5


Daily Nintendo: Ninjatown Review

1961 days 23 hours ago - Interestingly, while Ninjatown uses colorful kid-friendly visuals, the humor isn't appropriate for children. Funny references to corporate and even... | Review | 5


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