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13-year old kid attempts to rape mother & ends up killing her for taking away Call of Duty

479 days 19 hours ago - 13-year old kid attempts to rape mother & ends up killing her for taking away Call of Duty | News | Culture


Schoolboy found hanged after his father confiscated his new Wii

2252 days 20 hours ago - Boy of 13 was found hanging from his school tie by his father just hours after a family argument over a Nintendo Wii computer game. Jake Robe... | News | 3, 11


Boy, 11, racks up £1,000 bill on mother's debit card playing XBox online

1296 days 19 hours ago - DailyMail writes: A desperate mother has condemned Microsoft after her 11-year-old son racked up a £1,000 debt on her debit card - through his Xbo... | Article | Xbox 360


Parents horrified as most violent video game ever to launch on 'family friendly' Wii

2205 days 21 hours ago - via Eurogamer: "SEGA Wii game MadWorld will "spoil the family fun image" of the console, according to Mediawatch-UK, a British... | News | 3


Study Game Design at DeVry

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Healthy 25-year-old man dies while playing Wii Fit

1976 days 2 hours ago - A fit and healthy 25-year-old man, collapsed and died in front of his horrified girlfriend and best friend while playing Wii Fit. Tim Eves was... | News | 3, 11


Slaughter: Horror at Sony's depraved promotion stunt with decapitated goat

2677 days 13 hours ago - The Daily Mail reports that Sony's bizarre PR campaigns may of finally crossed the line when the corpse of the decapitated animal was the centrepie... | News | 1, 4, 9, 13


When PlayStation turns nasty: Father tracks down schoolboy for 'killing' him on Call Of Duty

1062 days 3 hours ago - Daily Mail writes: A middle-aged man charged round to the house of a schoolboy and throttled him after his online character was killed during a... | News | Nintendo DS


Boy unwittingly ran up £1,150 bill by racking up 'Microsoft Points'

775 days ago - A 12-year-old boy accidentally ran up a £1,500 bill while playing Xbox Live - leaving his cash-strapped dad with no choice but to pick up the tab. | News | Xbox 360


Ninten-Don't... How I watched my children turn into monsters

2305 days 2 hours ago - Rosie Millard from writes..... As my eight-year-old son Gabriel hit his five-year-old sister Honey on the head, ten-year-old P... | Article | 5


Move over Drive Club? Forza Motorsport 5 preview (DailyMail)

349 days 19 hours ago - It is the racing game set to send shivers down Drive Club's spine. And with Forza Motorsport 5 boasting visuals like these, it’s not hard to see w... | Preview | Xbox One


Apple admit Briton DID invent iPod, but he's still not getting any money

2179 days 17 hours ago - Apple has finally admitted that a British man who left school at 15 is the inventor behind the iPod. | Article | 6


Teenager killed widow with axe in drink-fuelled rage after losing a computer game to his brother

1763 days 23 hours ago - "A schizophrenic teenager killed a grandmother with an axe when he went on a drunken rampage after losing at computer games. In the hours... | News | 11


Police Officer Gets Caught Stealing PS3 Games

1752 days 20 hours ago - A police officer who was tasked with catching shoplifters at an HMV store, was caught on camera stealing PS3 games by concealing them underneath hi... | News | 1


Boy 14 stabs great-grandmother to death with sword after being told to stop playing computer games

1105 days 19 hours ago - A 14-year-old boy is in custody after using a sword to stab his 77-year-old great-grandmother to death and injure his grandmother, police say. Fami... | News | Culture


Britain under water: Chilling images show danger of flooding to our cities

2211 days 19 hours ago - In a dramatic image of utter devastation, Glasgow's most famous landmarks are reduced to islands in a sea of flood water. Such recognisable sights... | Image | 12,13


Teenage boy murdered his brother as revenge when his Xbox was taken away

2582 days 19 hours ago - A 15-year-old schoolboy who killed his elder brother in a revenge arson attack after his family took away his Xbox is facing a life sentence after... | News | 8, 11


Pampered prisoners supplied with £221,726 of PlayStations

2214 days 16 hours ago - Prisoners across the country are being supplied with computer games consoles costing thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money. The Prison Servi... | News | 11


Mother's boyfriend beat her son to death for interrupting video game

1073 days 2 hours ago - A four-year-old boy was beaten to death by his mother's boyfriend because he got in his way when he was playing a video game. Sean Stalwart, 34,... | News | Culture


A couple who met in Halo game and courted online for FIVE YEARS see each other for the first time

770 days 22 hours ago - The emotional moment when a long-distance couple took their relationship up to a new level by finally meeting after five years online communication... | News | Culture


Primary school teacher facing jail for sending lewd texts to schoolboy after grooming him on World of Warcraft

2047 days 23 hours ago - A primary school teacher faces jail for sending lewd texts to a 14-year-old boy after grooming him over the internet game World of Warcraft. L... | News | 11,12


PS4 Game Release Dates

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