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DigitalGU Presents – George Pigula Assistant Producer at Electronic Arts Sims 3 Interview

1675 days 5 hours ago - The Sims 3 for consoles, allows you to create Sims with unique personalities, fulfill their desires, and control their lives within a living neighb... | Interview | Nintendo DS


Capcom Employees spill the beans on Monster Hunter Freedon Unite, AdHoc Part and more

1987 days 20 hours ago - Last night on PlayStation Home, Capcom was generous to host a Q&A session to answer many of the burning questions on so many fan's minds and D-... | Interview | 1,4,11

10° Interview With Michelle Franklin

2003 days 4 hours ago - interviews Michelle Franklin about her future titles that she is working on. And also what it takes to be a professional gamer. | Interview | 1,2

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