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What If Master Chief Is Black?

1189 days 4 hours ago - The whole ship is collapsing and Master Chief is napping on the job… Not saying that’s what a black man does, but he was awfully calm when he woke... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Rumor: Will Nexon Make EA Fire EA?

1192 days ago - Here comes the “pink slip express” with Trump spinners saying “you’re fired”. But a Korean woman, Juri, whispers like a mob boss, “I’ll make you an... | Rumor | Xbox 360


Most Difficult Game Ever Created With Commentary

1187 days 13 hours ago - This video illustrates how difficult this QWOP game is; along with commentary (Cr1TiKal) that is utterly hilarious. There is a slew of foul languag... | Video | PC

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