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Eager Beaver Review [Capsule Computers]

1204 days 5 hours ago - Jessica Barabas-Bui from Capsule Computers wrote : Puzzle games are a huge thing on mobile devices, they’re easy, levels are simple to make and... | Review | iPhone


Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Vita Review [Capsule Computers]

1207 days 2 hours ago - Capsule Computers writes: "Perhaps one of the biggest arguments potential buyers can make to justify not picking up the Vita version of Metal Ge... | Review | PS Vita


Borderlands 2 - E3 2012 Hands On Preview |

1210 days 12 hours ago - writes: "Out of all the E3 booths, Borderlands 2 may have been the loudest, blaring out a tremendous cacophony of dubstep... | Preview | PC


Tomb Raider - E3 2012 Impressions |

1212 days 5 hours ago - writes: "A Tomb Raider reboot has been needed for some time now. Thankfully, Cyrstal Dynamics has also recognized this nee... | Preview | Xbox 360


Forza Motorsport 6 (XB1) Review

Now - Ken checks out the latest numbered Forza title. | Promoted post

Assassin's Creed Liberation - E3 2012 Impressions |

1212 days 5 hours ago - writes: "Assassin’s Creed Liberation is a complementary experience to Assassin’s Creed 3. However, just because its on a s... | Preview | PS Vita


Resident Evil 6 – E3 2012 Hands On Preview |

1213 days 1 hour ago - writes: "Nevertheless, I did have some serious quibles with RE6. For one thing, Leon plods… along… so… freaking… slow. An... | Preview | PC


Star Trek: The Game – E3 2012 Impressions |

1213 days 6 hours ago - Jed Bradshaw of Capsule Computers writes: "This game will take place in between the JJ Abram’s movies and features the voice support of both Chr... | Preview | PC


Epic Mickey 2 – E3 2012 Hands On Preview |

1213 days 8 hours ago - Jed Bradshaw of Capsule Computers writes: "Few things get children and adults more excited than Mickey Mouse and videogames. Epic Mickey combi... | Preview | Wii


Nintendo Wii U E3 2012 Hands On Impressions |

1213 days 9 hours ago - Jed Bradshaw of was one of a few people who got to test out the Wii U's launch titles during E3 2012. Included in this previe... | Preview | Wii U


Mugen Souls Interview & Gameplay with NIS America at E3 2012 [Capsule Computers]

1214 days 1 hour ago - NIS America had a number of their team on the show floor and while one of Capsule Computers' writers took a hand at playing the game, the other int... | Interview | PS3


Dead or Alive 5 Interview with Yosuke Hayashi and Yohei Shimbori at E3 2012 [Capsule Computers]

1214 days 2 hours ago - The Capsule Computers Crew had a chance to sit down and speak with Team Ninja's Yosuke Hayashi and Yohei Shimbori and ask them a few interview ques... | Interview | Xbox 360


Resistance: Burning Skies Review [Capsule Computers]

1214 days 3 hours ago - Joshua Spudic of Capsule Computers writes: "Resistance isn’t new to the portable scene after the release of Resistance: Retribution over on the... | Review | PS Vita


Junk Jack Review [Capsule Computers]

1214 days 3 hours ago - Junk Jack is like Minecraft, but bite sized and 8-bit. How does this title fare for the iOS? Check out our review by following the link. | Review | iPhone


Dead City Review [Capsule Computers]

1214 days 4 hours ago - Michael Irving of Capsule Computers wrote : Perhaps we can blame George A. Romero. He started this whole trend for any media containing zombies... | Review | iPhone


Assassin’s Creed III Frontier Gameplay Preview [Capsule Computers]

1214 days 7 hours ago - We all watched as an assassin commanded a boat on the open seas, but the Capsule Crew took a behind closed doors look at some frontier gameplay and... | Preview | PC


E3 2012 Event Photos [Capsule Computers]

1214 days 11 hours ago - Philip Federico of Capsule Computers wrote : Well another E3 has come and gone and we had a complete blast here at Capsule Computers in sharing... | Image | Culture


Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed E3 2012 Hands-on Impressions [Capsule Computers]

1214 days 11 hours ago - Amidst the glamor that was the Danica Patrick sponsorship announcement, the Capsule Computers Crew was able to get some hands-on time with Sonic &... | Preview | Wii


Sleeping Dogs E3 2012 Gameplay Preview [Capsule Computers]

1215 days 1 hour ago - While there were a few demo units on the floor, there was also a closed door experience for Sleeping Dogs and the Capsule Computers crew was there... | Preview | PC


The Amazing Spider Man E3 2012 Preview [Capsule Computers]

1215 days 6 hours ago - Most movie to videogame adaptations are rubbish, but it seems that the Capsule Computers crew believes otherwise with their preview of The Amazing... | Preview | Xbox 360


Skylanders Giants E3 2012 Preview [Capsule Computers]

1215 days 6 hours ago - There are more than just some new giants roaming around Skylanders now and Capsule Computers was able to take a look at some of these new features... | Preview | Wii


Mad Max (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out Avalanche Studios latest creation. | Promoted post

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