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Should I Be Excited About Aero's Quest? on CalmDownTom

373 days 6 hours ago - CalmDownTom answers the burning question; Should I be Excited About Aero's Quest? | Preview | PC


Rising World Early Access Preview (PC) | Calmdowntom

381 days 12 hours ago - "I really liked the look of JIW-Games, Rising World. It is an open world, sandbox, resource gathering and building game, without the block styling... | Preview | PC


Namco Games preview - CalmDownTom

490 days 23 hours ago - CalmDownTom Previews four of Namco's upcoming games: Project Cars, Shadow Warrior, F1 2014 and Pac-man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 | Preview | PC


Vector Thrust Review | CalmDownTom

509 days 12 hours ago - Alright pilots, you’ve been selected as the elite required to form the basis of operation codename ‘Vector Thrust’. The information being released... | Preview | PC


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

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CalmDownTom asks, should I be excited about Mini Metro

519 days 11 hours ago - Mini Metro is a transport management simulation game from small New Zealand independent studio Dinosaur Polo Club. However, the simplistic approach... | Preview | PC


CalmDownTom asks, should I be excited about Frozen Cortex?

539 days 22 hours ago - You may not have heard of Frozen Cortex yet, or you may have seen the feature image at the link you just clicked and thought, “that looks like Froz... | Preview | PC


GearCity Preview - CalmDownTom

583 days 11 hours ago - CalmDownTom takes a look at the Early Access version of GearCity "Currently on Steam’s Early Access platform, GearCity is a management game from... | Preview | PC


Battlefield Hardline Preview|CalmDownTom

587 days 12 hours ago - Calm Down Tom Gives us the lowdown on the up and coming Battlefield installment. | Preview | PC


Endless Legend Preview | Calmdowntom

588 days 12 hours ago - "Once upon a time, an indie developer released a 4X game called Endless Space. It was very dense, feature rich game that I bought and then was fran... | Preview | PC


Pillars of Eternity Hands Off Preview | Calmdowntom

596 days 13 hours ago - "Almost two years ago, Obsidian Entertainment took to Kickstarter to ask for support for “Project Eternity”, and the response was overwhelming. The... | Preview | PC


CalmDownTom asks, should I be excited about Blockstorm?

599 days 12 hours ago - Blockstorm is an Early Access game that is worth buying into now. | Preview | PC


Sacred 3 Preview | CalmDownTom

602 days 11 hours ago - "What happens when you take the loot out of a predominantly loot heavy genre? Can that even work? Well, that’s what developer Keen Games wants to t... | Preview | PC


The Forest Review on CalmDownTom

610 days 12 hours ago - Martin Hutchison - The Forest is an open world survival-horror/adventure game where you take on the role of the sole survivor of a plane crash.... | Preview | PC


Lifeless Planet Preview | Calmdowntom

631 days 6 hours ago - "Lifeless Planet is the brainchild of David Board from Stage 2 Studios. The game was funded by kickstarter raising just over double the goal amount... | Preview | PC


Should I be excited about A Story About My Uncle - preview at CalmDownTom

631 days 14 hours ago - CalmDownTom get a sneak peak at A Story About My Uncle on Steam "The twist in A Story About My Uncle is that it is a non-violent first person pu... | Preview | PC


iON Bond Preview | Calmdowntom

636 days 9 hours ago - "iON Bond, from Smiling Bag games, is a puzzler that might teach you a little something if you pay attention. Which you will because that is how yo... | Preview | PC


Heroes of the Storm Preview at CalmDownTom

641 days 17 hours ago - "Last night I was frantically running around the house squealing because I got Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha access. After taking some deep b... | Preview | PC


Monstrum Preview at CalmDownTom

643 days 15 hours ago - "Wow, this ships sure is dark and creaky and creepy. I wonder if I’m safe here. I wonder if the deck is busy. I wonder if the captain will let me s... | Preview | PC


Nether Preview at CalmDowmTom

665 days 11 hours ago - "After selecting a server and quickly customising the appearance of my character, I spawned on a street corner, with no other living soul in sight.... | Preview | PC


CalmDownTom asks: Should I be excited about Warlock 2: The Exiled?

683 days 18 hours ago - For those who haven’t looked at the Warlock games before, if you are familiar with Paradox Interactive games, or indeed Civilization type games, yo... | Preview | PC


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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