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Waiting For Cooldowns: Issue 2: Server Issues, the Harrowing and League of Fighters

397 days 4 hours ago - "Hey guys! Martin Hutch the Clutch Hutchison here, welcoming you all back to Waiting For Cooldowns! ", says CalmDownTom | Article | PC


The Pokémon Virgin: Confusion and Fun in X and Y | CalmDownTom

399 days 3 hours ago - A Pokemon Virgin documents her first experiences. Says Calmdowntom | Article | Culture


Waiting For Cooldowns: Issue 1 | CalmDownTom

404 days 3 hours ago - "In the run up to Season 4 of the worlds biggest video game, League of Legends, I landed a chance to start a LoL column for CalmDownTom. Could I re... | Article | PC


Top 7 Tips to master Bioshock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia

425 days 21 hours ago - CalmDownTom takes another look at the Bioshock board game and gives tips to those looking to get to grips with it's involved gameplay. | Article | Culture


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Bioshock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia

431 days 9 hours ago - CalmDownTom takes a in depth look at the board game set in the Bioshock Infinite universe. "We were intrigued at the thought of a boardgame base... | Article | Culture


Kinect and Oculus Rift Combined for Dragon Eyes

465 days 23 hours ago - "I was asked to be a judge last weekend for the Dare to be Digital Game Jam in Dundee, organised by IGDA Scotland. The winner of that Game Jam crea... | Article | PC


What is Salty Bet? Guide for Beginners

466 days 3 hours ago - "Do you like fighting games? Betting? M.U.G.E.N.? No? Well it doesn’t matter, you will like Salty Bet anyway. Salty Bet is lunacy. It’s a simple... | Article | Culture


Animal Crossing New Leaf Photo Journal: Day 1 at CalmDownTom

526 days 6 hours ago - "A warm welcome to you all from Nagrand. I am Mayor Fi and I am in charge.", says CalmDownTom | Article | 3DS


Man on the Mun – The Kerbal Diaries

535 days 6 hours ago - A series of videos and diary entries detailing everything great about Kerbal Space Program. | Article | PC


So you want to be a surgeon – Surgeon Simulator 2013 Tips

584 days 2 hours ago - Making it as a surgeon can be tricky; even more so when you have the motor skills of an arthritic eighty-five year old. Follow CalmDownTom's Surgeo... | Article | PC


The Konrad Tomaszkiewicz Challenge: Can you name 5 Characters in these Games?

638 days 23 hours ago - You may have read recently that The Witcher 3 game director Konrad Tomaszkiewicz issued a challenge. Can you name five characters in Skyrim? CalmDo... | Article | PC


Seven days in Chernarus Part One: Death at Balota Harbour

842 days 9 hours ago - CalmDownTom says, "Waking on the shores of a flat unobtrusive shoreline, I took in my first realtime glimpse of DayZ." | Article | PC


Emulators and Roms: An Overview

894 days 13 hours ago - CalmDownTom says, "Hello once again my fellow Calm Down Tom readers, Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) here back from a (far too long) hiatus due to lack o... | Article | Culture


DC Universe Online: The heroic and the villainous

911 days 19 hours ago - CalmDownTom says, "I’ve had something of a love-hate relationship with MMOs. I love having a huge sense of scale in an online setting, but hate the... | Article | PC


League of Legends – Fiora: Guide & Review

991 days 16 hours ago - The first in CalmDownTom's series of hero guides for LofL. | Article | PC


Windows 8 tested, games performance examined

992 days 12 hours ago - CalmDownTom says, "The UI has seen a large upgrade to a streamlined and tablet style layout of the start menu. When I first loaded the operating sy... | Article | PC


Amazing visuals in old PC games with the ENB Graphics mod

1040 days 3 hours ago - An article with some astounding images. Amazing visuals in old PC games with the ENB Graphics mod | Article | PC


You should have played… The Ship

1082 days ago - It’s the 1920s. You were minding your own business on a nice little cruise when Mr X (yes… Mr X) decided to hijack the ship and take everyone hosta... | Article | PC


Gaming Pie Charts

1159 days 22 hours ago - A selection of funny pie charts based on videogame tropes. | Article | Culture


Do fitness games actually work? – An experiment

1178 days 23 hours ago - Interested in diets and fitness? Games? Seeing photos of the sexy members of CalmDownTom? Then read on! | Article | Culture


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