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Top 5 Tips for getting started in Crusader Kings II

231 days 19 hours ago - Crusader Kings II is a game that, at the time of writing, is three years old. Yet we are still seeing expansion after expansion for the game, and t... | Article | PC


EGX Diaries: OnLive

367 days 13 hours ago - "OnLive is a pretty sweet application. It allows you to play games anywhere you have a decent enough connection, think of it as Netflix for games.... | Article | PC


EGX Diaries: Square Enix's 'Life is Strange'

374 days 10 hours ago - "Life is Strange was Square Enix’s prime unveiling at a press event held at a private venue just outside EGX in London. Originally announced in ear... | Article | Xbox 360


Is Sword Fighting in Games Realistic – We Ask An Expert

443 days 19 hours ago - "Real Sword Fighting is very different to what we see in games. The Master Sword. The Blades of Chaos. The Golden Axe. Soul Edge. All of these f... | Article | Culture


Top 5 Movies To See This Month

Now - The month of September has Johnny Depp portraying an enraged criminal, a group of climbers trying to make it home safely, and the return of the sur... | Promoted post

Should I Be Excited About... Tekken 7 |CalmDownTom

453 days 15 hours ago - A quick look over Evo2014's Tekken 7 reveal with an insight in to what you could and couldn't see in the trailer. | Article | Xbox 360


Surviving Darks Souls 2 | CalmDownTom

544 days 16 hours ago - Had trouble with Darks Souls 2? Lost more souls than you can count? Look no further as we are here with help hints and tips to surviving Darks Soul... | Article | PC


Calm Down Tom | The Game OST Hall of Fame pt1

551 days 14 hours ago - Here at Calm Down Tom music threads continue right in to the night, so we decided to write a mini series just for you. | Article | Culture


Titanfall Loadout Lowdown; Smart Pistol

556 days 17 hours ago - Martin Hutchison wrote about the most unique weapon Titanfall, and the Loadout that suits it best; The Smart Pistol. | Article | PC


Hearthstone Release Guide – How to Lose Less at CalmDownTom

570 days 14 hours ago - "Welcome back to another guide on Hearthstone by Calm Down Tom. This time round we look at tips to really bolster your decks and your understanding... | Article | PC


Space Cadets the board game

585 days 19 hours ago - CalmDownTom takes a look at a board game where the players are in charge of an entire space ship. "Space Cadets puts the players behind the con... | Article | Culture


From The Games Mistress to Cyberzone – How Games and Telly used to be friends

589 days 17 hours ago - "If games and television had a romantic relationship, it would no doubt be labelled under the “it’s complicated” category." says CalmDownTom | Article | Culture


Virgin, a Match for Money Matches?

592 days 10 hours ago - Esler takes a look at Virgin's new money matching system online. | Article | Xbox 360


Takenoko - a board game about a panda

600 days 11 hours ago - "Takenoko is a relaxing game of skill and tactics for two to four players. The game is set in ancient Japan where the emperor has received a giant... | Article | Culture


Sid Meir's Civilization the board game

618 days 4 hours ago - CalmDownTom takes a look at the board game version of the much loved Civilization series. "Civilization the boardgame aims to be a direct port... | Article | Culture


Developer Diary: Elusive Byte on Hell's Hospital

632 days 15 hours ago - "With work being hectic, my game making had been reduced to the game developers version of writers block. A blank Unity screen and no idea, this ha... | Article | Android


Cards & Dice & Tabletops: The Witches

634 days 12 hours ago - "So far in Cards, Dice & Tabletops all of the games we have looked at require players to play with or against. But just for a second think about a... | Article | Culture


Card & Dice & Tabletops: Munchkin Pathfinder

640 days ago - "Its dark. You wake up snug and warm but with the knowledge that as soon as you whip the covers off, it shall be bloody freezing. In one majestic m... | Article | Culture


The Big Bang Theory Party Game

669 days 4 hours ago - As we get closer to Christmas, CalmDownTom takes a look at Christmas gifts in the form of The Big Bang Theory Party game "The Big Bang Theory pa... | Article | Culture


Operation Blinking Mirror: A Suikoden Success Story

673 days 10 hours ago - With the campaign just days away, CalmDownTom took the opportunity to speak to co-founder of the Suikoden Revival Movement, Chris Holmes. | Article | Culture


Cards & Dice & Tabletops: Game of Thrones Card Game(HBO Edition)

704 days 12 hours ago - "“So Mike, what games are you writing about this week?” is a question whose answer can meet with various responses. If the answer is a videogame th... | Article | Culture


Get Warhammer: Arcane Magic for iOS - Now 60% off!

Now - Test your tactics against legendary foes! | Promoted post
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