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Toast Time Review (PC) by CalmDownTom

9 hours ago - "When you think of Toast Time, you immediately think of getting some toast and a cuppa, yet the small team at Force Of Habit have decided Toast Tim... | Review | PC


Madden NFL 15 Review (Xbox One) - CalmDownTom

10 hours ago - "Madden NFL’s creators have jiggled things about and front and centre of the new version is the Skills Trainer. Not only does the new and improved... | Review | PS4


Vector Thrust Review | CalmDownTom

11 hours ago - Alright pilots, you’ve been selected as the elite required to form the basis of operation codename ‘Vector Thrust’. The information being released... | Preview | PC


Velocity 2X review (PS Vita, PS4) by CalmDownTom

12 hours ago - "I have a need, a need for speed! Thankfully Velocity 2X fills that need quite nicely. Your recent addition of September’s PlayStation Plus freebie... | Review | PS4


Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (XB1) Review

Now - Ken mows down massive armies in the latest Musou game. | Promoted post

Train Simulator 2015 - Dovetail Games Interview | CalmDownTom

2 days 9 hours ago - CalmDownTom talks with Simon Sauntson of Dovetail Games about the upcoming release of Train Simulator 2015 | Interview | PC


NHL 15 Review (Xbox One)| CalmDownTom

6 days 21 hours ago - EA Sports have produced some excellent gameplay within a game that is largely incomplete. | Review | PS4


CalmDownTom asks, should I be excited about Mini Metro

10 days 10 hours ago - Mini Metro is a transport management simulation game from small New Zealand independent studio Dinosaur Polo Club. However, the simplistic approach... | Preview | PC


Commando Jack Review (PC) | Calmdowntom

10 days 16 hours ago - "Commando Jack, a game a legend. Commando Jack is the titular character in Colossal Games new tower defence game. Commando Jack has you play as tou... | Review | PC


The Journey Down Chapter Two Review (iOS) - CalmDownTom

14 days 9 hours ago - "The controls are pretty much the same for this instalment of The Journey Down; swipe your finger to across the environments and any area of intere... | Review | iPhone


Hohokum Review | CalmDownTom

16 days 11 hours ago - "This strangely named game is in essence rather strange. It’s also very colourful, whimsical and musical. Hohokum is a unique collaborative effort... | Review | PS3


Kick Ass 2 Review (PC) | Calmdowntom

17 days 15 hours ago - "Kick Ass 2 from Freedom Factory, is a comic book game of the Kick Ass 2 Movie. The title has finally arrived on the PC scene. Has the long wait al... | Review | PC


Metro Redux Review (Xbox One) | CalmDownTom

21 days 8 hours ago - Fans of the series will want to pick this up to relive the fantastic story in a new and improved light, but if you haven’t yet gone underground int... | Review | PC


Size DOES Matter Review (iOS) - CalmDownTom

23 days 1 hour ago - "Size DOES Matter is a music action game from DOS Studios and published by Channel 4. The game aims to be a cross between traditional rhythm games... | Review | iPhone


The Golf Club Review (Xbox One) | CalmDownTom

23 days 23 hours ago - EA have a new challenger in the Golf Sim genre | Review | PC


How #welovegamedevs Diluted the Hate

28 days 4 hours ago - "I’d love to hear about great games. I’d love to look at Twitter and feel better about people, not worst. I’d love to see new writers come along an... | Opinion piece | Culture


CalmDownTom asks, should I be excited about Frozen Cortex?

30 days 21 hours ago - You may not have heard of Frozen Cortex yet, or you may have seen the feature image at the link you just clicked and thought, “that looks like Froz... | Preview | PC


Should I Be Excited About… The Evil Within

32 days 11 hours ago - "Times have been hard for fans of survival-horror. We each recall the glory years of the PS1 and PS2 period, where we revelled in a golden era of n... | Opinion piece | PC


Metrico Review | CalmDownTom

41 days 11 hours ago - "You could be forgiven for taking a look at Metrico and having no idea what the hell the game is about. You could read about it and watch trailers... | Review | PS Vita


Road Not Taken| CalmDownTom

41 days 13 hours ago - The Road Not Taken is a really deep and powerfully hitting game. On the surface you have a rogue like puzzler, with simple pick and throw mechanics... | Review | PC


Sacred 3 Review | CalmDownTom

49 days 11 hours ago - "Sacred 3 is the latest game in the fan favourite Sacred series. Rescued by Deep Silver when Ascaron Entertainment closed down and now developed by... | Review | PC


Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition (PC) Review

Now - Drew checks out the PC version of Capcom’s zombie slaughter simulator. | Promoted post
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