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Call of Duty Map Creator

1437 days 2 hours ago - This seems to be one of the most wanted features of Call of Duty fans. The ability to create a map and upload it so that others can play it too. We... | Article | Xbox 360


Call of Duty Level 80. Choose Your Branch of Service

1440 days 18 hours ago - Well, we all know that there are only 20 ranks in the services excluding the Warrant Officer ranks in the Marine Corps. So why would there be 80 ra... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Call of Duty Collectors Mask

1440 days 19 hours ago - MW2 gave you night visions goggles… Black Ops gave you a remote control car… What will be the big item in MW3 Hardened edition. Surely not just a t... | Article | Xbox 360

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