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Monster Hunter 3G (3DS) Gameplay Tutorial

1496 days 13 hours ago - As part of Nintendo’s 3DS press conference Friday two new videos were released for Monster Hunter 3G. The first is a trailer showing off some epic... | Video | 3DS


Two Worlds II: The Developer Diary

1778 days 10 hours ago - The delightful (and somewhat profane) Aubrey Norris of SouthPeak Games has announced the release of a developer diary for the highly anticipated Tw... | Video | PC


Undergarden new trailer hits

1837 days 21 hours ago - Brutal Gamer writes: The Undergarden is making a brave stand at this time of year. It’s lobbying for your hard earned money against titles like... | Video | PC


First In-Game Footage! Prince of Persia : Forgotten Sands

2090 days 18 hours ago - writes:- Many people have been waiting to actually see how the latest incarnation of the Price of Persia franchise will actual... | Video | 1,2


US Movie Releases to Look Out For in November

Now - Remember, remember, the films of November! It’s the time of year when the nights draw in, the year winds down and studios line up their most presti... | Promoted post

Star Wars: Old Republic Dev Video Diary

2238 days 19 hours ago - writes: When Bioware finally admitted to making another Star Wars based title everyone was mucho interested – especialy as it wil... | Video | 1,2,12,15


Uncharted 2 : 4 new videos revealed

2249 days 15 hours ago - writes: Ok, last Uncharted 2 story - at least for now! A huge load of new video footage is now available so we felt compelled to... | Video | 1


Dead Space: Extraction – First 15 minutes in video

2258 days ago - writes:- The super creepy title is looking pretty damn good on the Waggle-O-Matic device Dead Space was one of the highlights o... | Video | 3,15


The One True Reason To Own A Mac?

2627 days 13 hours ago - The video you've just watched is for a Mac only game called 'Feist'. Its a 2D platformer and c'mon, you've gotta admit that the game looks stunning... | Video | 12

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