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Feature: Everything That is Wrong With the Modern Gaming Industry

550 days 6 hours ago - BG - "As someone who has been gaming now for the past 20+ years, I have a chip on my shoulder regarding a lot of things with today’s gaming industry." | Opinion piece | PC


BrutalGamer: Kick-Starting to Get On My Nerves: Big companies and Crowd Funding.

897 days 10 hours ago - Crowdfunding via Kickstarter appears to be all the rage in bigger indie game developers nowdays. But, does the recent Kickstarter by Obsidian Ente... | Opinion piece | Industry


Backing The Wrong Horse

905 days 5 hours ago - Is the grass greener on the other side? Having put up with the Xbox for many years now, I’m starting to wonder whether I should have kept my temper... | Opinion piece | PS2


Games are the new camcorders

938 days 4 hours ago - Brutal Gamer's Adam writes: I have two major creative outlets in my life that bring me great joy… writing and filmmaking. Writing obviously is t... | Opinion piece | PC


New looped animations from White Night, a completely black and white game

Now - White Night is a noir horror game inspired by classic horror movies and games, with a focus on strong visual storytelling. | Promoted post

Guild Wars 2: Airplane Noises, Hunger Games, & Afro Gremlins

938 days 7 hours ago - Brutal Gamer's Dan sits down to reflect on time spent in the Guild Wars 2 beta and relives some of those high points. | Opinion piece | PC


The curious question of video game pricing

966 days 10 hours ago - Brutal Gamer's Amy poses the big questions - why do games prices have to differ so much region to region? Are we really being ripped off? What ab... | Opinion piece | PC


Guild Wars 2: The WoW Killer?

993 days 13 hours ago - As is often the case, the Brutal Gamer staffers are once again embroiled in a debate of vital importance as Dan, closet Canadian and perpetual noob... | Opinion piece | PC


Brutal Gamer: Black Ops - It's all downhill from here

1035 days 5 hours ago - The team at Brutal Gamer spark up a lively debate on the path the Call of Duty franchise is treading with the announced details of Black Ops 2. | Opinion piece | PC


Game Time with "Your Better Half"

1045 days 18 hours ago - writes, "When I was a bachelor gaming was simple. I could set my schedule however I wanted. As soon as I walked into the door, I co... | Opinion piece | Culture


Sex Vs. Violence

1086 days 7 hours ago - Brutal Gamer examines why so many parents allow graphically violent games yet are completely horrified at nudity and sexual innuendo. | Opinion piece | Culture


Sony Sets The Bar For Being “Pleased” About U.S. Vita Sales Really Low

1104 days 7 hours ago - Speaking to Reuters, Sony’s U.S. CEO of PlayStation Jack Tretton stated that he would be “very pleased” if the company’s recently launched PlayStat... | Opinion piece | PS Vita


The Thrills and Chills of Dead Space 2

1221 days 22 hours ago - writes, "Dead Space 2 is more than just a scary game – it’s a really well-designed horror game, and is still currently my favorite... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Beta Confusion

1232 days 5 hours ago - It seems the term “beta” is getting tossed around a lot as of late by developers, publishers, gaming press and enthusiasts, and it seems to be gett... | Opinion piece | Industry


Welcome Back, Syndicate!

1242 days 4 hours ago - writes, "It always baffles me when cranky, old school gamers turn their noses up to revitalized franchises of yesteryear, simply be... | Opinion piece | Culture


Nintendo 3DS - The Art Of Confusing Customers

1268 days 5 hours ago - Confused by all the recent Nintendo 3DS news? Not sure what the hell Nintendo is doing? Wondering if you should buy now, or wait for a possible dua... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Is It Still A Game If You Aren't Pressing Buttons?

1275 days 9 hours ago - writes, "The video game controller has gone through several evolutions. Beginning back with the simple Atari joystick with one butt... | Opinion piece | Culture


Gaming Can Kill You

1275 days 10 hours ago - writes, "I’ve got a few guilty pleasures. One is watching my daytime drama (re: soap operas) and the other is listening to complete... | Opinion piece | Culture


Morality in Gaming - Are We Ready?

1285 days 7 hours ago - The idea of having to live with your decisions in video games and not be able to reload an earlier save, just like in real life, would make for som... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Good, The Bad & The Bossy: What's up with boss battles?

1289 days 6 hours ago - How many times have you found yourself locked in a room with one of the toughest, meanest bad guys a game has to offer? Boss battles can either be... | Opinion piece | Culture


Visions of Next-Gen: Parental Controls

1291 days 20 hours ago - writes, "Features like improved graphics and a better integrated online network would make for really enjoyable experiences, but wh... | Opinion piece | Tech


Contests For N4G Members

Now - Prizes for members like YOU! | Promoted post
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