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The Super Special Edition of Gears of War 2 To Feature a...Lancer?

2278 days ago - Brutal Gamer writes: If you're willing to spend the equivalent of $130 for a special edition of a game then you're clearly off your t*ts to pu... | News | 2,13


Facebook arrives on PS3 today

1799 days 4 hours ago - writes:- Yup Firmware 3.1 drops sometime today. You have to imagine that Microsoft are thinking WTF at the moment. Each new... | News | 1


PS3 Keypad a Gimmick?

2252 days 15 hours ago - Brutal Gamer writes: "Sony recently announced their anwser to the 360's messenger pad but where Microsoft got it so right, Sony seem to h... | Article | 1


What If... The PS3 Had Come First?

1928 days 19 hours ago - Brutal Gamer writes - "Well, that's what I'm wondering this time.The Playstation 3, that jet-black, 5kg shiny piece of metal we've come to cal... | Article | 1,2,3,11


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World of Warcraft Down - Hacked?

2260 days 7 hours ago - Servers/Realms throughout World of Warcraft experienced technical difficulties today and strange messages such as "Game ends in 2 minutes&quot... | News | 12


Modern Warfare 2 petition nearing 110k signatures, Bowling tries to ease the rage

1827 days 7 hours ago - Brutal Gamer writes - 'Oh Infinity Ward, what've you got yourself into. As we know, Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling (aka FourZeroTwo) dropped a... | Article | 12


What If... Microsoft Had Made A Handheld Console?

1935 days 17 hours ago - writes - "Welcome to the first article in a series of answers to video game ponderings. What if Microsoft had decided to... | Article | 2,8,11


Over 20,000 sign Left4Dead 2 boycott petition

1961 days 1 hour ago - BrutalGamer writes: Valve have always been the gamers dev company. They were the golden boys of community gaming, but this years E3 has thrown a... | Article | 33,2,11,12,13,15


Top 5 Most Successful Graphic Engines

1851 days 10 hours ago - Brutal Gamer: "Graphics are an important part of a video game, because no matter how good the gameplay is and how deep the storyline is, it's... | Article | 11, 14


Sony botch chance to get ahead of Natal

1736 days 1 hour ago - writes:- Man I love Sony but COME ON GUYS! In a statement made earlier today head Sony Computer Entertainment honcho Kaz... | Article | 1,11,13,15


Alan Wake Gameplay Video Footage

1808 days 3 hours ago - writes:- You gotta love those groovey Russian kids! Hot from being ripped with a cam in Russia.. | News | 2, 12


6 Canceled Video Games That Could Have Changed The World

1883 days ago - Postponing a video game is quite unbearable for some fans, but what do you do when it gets dumped for good? Of course, no one cares about it t... | Article | 8,9,11,12


Homefront Gets Second Day Price Drop

1315 days 17 hours ago - THQ’s new release Homefront was unleashed to the public yesterday for $59.99, what has become a pretty standard pricepoint for big budget titles. G... | News | PC


Backing The Wrong Horse

770 days 20 hours ago - Is the grass greener on the other side? Having put up with the Xbox for many years now, I’m starting to wonder whether I should have kept my temper... | Opinion piece | PS2


Top 5 Games this Christmas

2151 days 15 hours ago - This Christmas is going be tough what with the credit crunch and all. But here are five games that, skint or not, have to be on your christmas list. | Article | 11


10 Cool Trailers For 10 Not So Cool Games

1899 days 21 hours ago - Today's trailers are not what they used to be. Once upon a time, developers were really showing you what they were working on, not just pretty rend... | Article | 11


Black Ops Hacked

1442 days 23 hours ago - The folks over at have posted a video of a successful hack of Call Of Duty: Black Ops, claiming that a “special friend” was able to... | News | Nintendo DS


Rumor: Skyrim Lag Starting To Show Up On The Xbox 360

1051 days 18 hours ago - Unconfirmed reports of freezing and framerate slowdown are surfacing from Xbox 360 users with long play times. | Rumor | Xbox 360


Fallout: New Vegas has some mindboggling stats

1477 days 3 hours ago - BrutalGamer's Zeth Ward writes: According to a blog post sent via PR earlier today, that deals with the creation of the Strategy Guide, there ar... | News | PC


Fable III deleted Kinect features revealed

1469 days 1 hour ago - Details have emerged of Fable III’s deleted mini-games that were originally supposed to be compatible with Kinect. | News | PC


PS4 Game Release Dates

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