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The Mystery of Shenmue

1655 days 22 hours ago - BMC: The Shenmue series is one of the great head scratchers of the video-game industry, an ambitious duo of titles that both impressed and confused... | Article | Culture

With the Gameplay, Comes the Game...

1662 days 22 hours ago - BMC: I've been thinking about a lot of different things that have been going on within the industry. Among those things is the green campaign of Ni... | Article | Culture

The price of games - Ripping me off

1663 days 5 hours ago - BMC: Sometimes I buy games online. No need to leave the house and interact with people. I don't need SPF90+ sunblock to avoid the hole in the ozone... | Article | Culture

Online Etiquette

1663 days 6 hours ago - BMC: Online gaming seems to have a large concentration of racist, homophobic and generally rude people. If you've played online games, especially c... | Article | Culture


See what games are coming out in 2016

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BMC: Lackluster Endings

1669 days 23 hours ago - BMC: Playing games is hard work. We jump through portals and find secret warp whistles for hours on end. The least they can do is give us an ending... | Article | Culture

Military Games: The Ugly Truth

1669 days 23 hours ago - BMC: This week’s news that a group of U.S. Navy Seals had killed Osama Bin Laden caused spontaneous celebrations all throughout America, especially... | Article | Culture


Innovation Speculation! The Nintendo Corded

1669 days 23 hours ago - BMC: Have you ever just decided to follow a company and watch its decisions? Ever have a little fun at someone else's expense in how things may pla... | Article | Wii


Safety Last: Why the PSN Fiasco is Scary

1672 days 12 hours ago - BMC: It's a debate that's gone on for well over a decade, a question first posed during the advent of Internet shopping: should we feel safe spread... | Article | PS3


Falling Back in Love With Nintendo

1702 days 18 hours ago - BMC: Hey Nintendo, How ya doin? You're looking pretty good. Did you get a haircut or something? Because you look different to me somehow. Maybe... | Article | Wii


A Thank You To All The Girls In Games

1718 days 19 hours ago - BMC: This is for all the ladies out there; all the single ladies, and the baby-mamas too. The proceeding is a special dedication to all the Barbies... | Article | Culture


Is UFC’s Latest Purchase the End of EA Sports MMA?

1718 days 19 hours ago - BMC: The sports world was disrupted over the weekend by the news that Dana White, president of UFC, had pulled off a Vince McMahon, when he worked... | Article | Culture

4 Decades of Gaming

1718 days 19 hours ago - BMC: Last week I turned 40. It wasn't a big deal. To me birthdays are just another day, a day where I get some unwanted attention because people fe... | Article | Culture

BMC - My Game Developers Conference Experience

1727 days 19 hours ago - BMC - I just got back from attending my fourth Game Developers Conference in beautiful San Francisco, and, as always, I had a blast. Granted, I’m e... | Article | Game Developers Conference


Time Traveling on the DS

1731 days 14 hours ago - BMC: I know this is a weird thing to say, and I run the risk of sounding a bit like Charlie Sheen here, but I've got to get it off my chest: I feel... | Article | Nintendo DS

When Video Games Become High Art

1746 days 20 hours ago - Who can forget Roger Ebert’s dissenting comments in the past few years on gaming not being art? They have been heavily and heatedly debated as if w... | Article | Wii


Crossing Over to the Other (Video Game) Side

1750 days 22 hours ago - BMC: Marvel VS Capcom 3 hits next week and I'm more excited than a Robert Workman at a beer convention. That doesn't work for you? How about a Terr... | Article | Culture

Examining the Mario Brand

1750 days 22 hours ago - BMC: Who doesn’t love Super Mario? For over 25 years, he’s been a lot of things to a lot of people: a beloved mascot, a video-game icon, and an end... | Article | Culture

Welcome Back, Jack

1751 days 15 hours ago - BMC: Back in the mid-90’s, when trivia games were pretty mundane because of their presentation, limited questions and lack of “special” features, o... | Article | Xbox 360


Can the Next Generation Portable Succeed?

1759 days 19 hours ago - BMC: The other day, we reported the news from Sony’s press conference from Tokyo that the company was launching a new handheld game system this hol... | Article | PSP2


Mommy, I'm Scared...

1759 days 19 hours ago - BMC: The room was nearly pitch black, and the small beam that my flashlight offered wasn't nearly enough. No matter how swiftly I whisked it around... | Article | Culture


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