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PS Vita Box Arrived in Store (PSVita Made in China? PSP in Japan)

1117 days 20 hours ago - "Sony has finally decided to send out its new handheld's boxes (Playstation Vita) to local game retailers in Japan" | News | PS Vita


New boxarts for Xbox Live Marketplace (I Am Alive and Blood Forge)

1123 days 4 hours ago - Take a look at these new boxarts from Xbox Live Marketplace. | News | Xbox 360


Uncharted 3 Cutscene Viewer Should Be Back in the Upcoming Patch Plus New Animation System Change

1123 days 9 hours ago - "How long have you been waiting for "The Cutscene Viewer", one day, two days or 20 days?" | News | PS3


Samurai Warriors Chronicles Revealed New DLC

1128 days 1 hour ago - Koei has revealed the new DLC for Samurai Warriors Chronicles | News | 3DS


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Max Payne 3 GameStop Pre-Order Bonus Revealed

1128 days 13 hours ago - Anyone who pre-orders Max Payne 3 at GameStop (either the standard version or the Special Edition; and either by pre-ordering in store or online) w... | News | PC


Aiming Issue - Uncharted 3 Patch in Testing

1129 days 20 hours ago - "Eventually, the aiming issue of Uncharted 3 is in testing. According to Eric Monacelli" | News | PS3


Major Issue - Uncharted 3 "Painfully Long Load Times Disc Loads"

1130 days 17 hours ago - "Uncharted 3 was released on November 1, 2011. Unfortunately, Uncharted 3 has been a major issue (just one day a ago) on November 2." | News | PS3


Mass Effect 3 New Shepard and Miranda Story

1131 days 14 hours ago - "The Mass Effect’s fan posted a part of the storyline ( that guy who played the leaked Beta and wrote this information ) from Shepard and Miranda." | News | PC


Amazon - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Steelbox with Pre-Order Bonus Can Be Bought

1132 days 21 hours ago - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Steelbox is now available to pre-order. | News | Xbox 360


Jurassic Park: The Game PC/Mac Digital Deluxe Edition and Gamestop Pre-Order Bonus

1134 days 22 hours ago - "Telltale Games has just revealed the Deluxe Edition for Jurassic Park: The Game. Well, if you pre-order now," | News | PC


Resident Evil Reached Over 1.5 Million Fans

1135 days 13 hours ago - Resident Evil's FacoBook has officially announced that it has reached over 1.5 million fans on its FaceBook. | News | PS2


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Why Your Wife Run Away with Another Guy

1137 days 21 hours ago - "Have you thought of betraying a person [for an example, you betray your wife or husband]." | News | PC


WWE '12 Full Roster

1137 days 23 hours ago - THQ has now revealed the full and final roster for WWE '12. | News | Wii


Skyrim Werewolf and Vampires Details

1139 days 10 hours ago - "We just found some werewolf news from a forum that one of the users said "I've literally just turned into a werewolf for the first time - it's ini... | News | PC


Festival in Skyrim?

1140 days 9 hours ago - Elder Scrolls expect Andy Hartup goes hands-on with Skyrim. Andy tells us a lot of details for Skyrim. While Andy is playing the Skyrim, Andy disco... | News | PC

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