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Skyrim Texture Comparison Before and After 1.2 Patch

1155 days 14 hours ago - "Recently, 1.2 Patch has just been released in Europe, but have you had a look before updating the patch" | Screenshot | PC


GTA V Main Character Speculated On by PSM3

1158 days ago - "Who would be the main character of Grand Theft Auto V? Well, there are a lot of people out there, speculating the former characters would return b... | Rumor | PC


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim New Map

1176 days 2 hours ago - Let's take a look at the New map | Screenshot | PC


Uncharted 3 E3 vs Final Build - Weird Changes Screenshots

1157 days 13 hours ago - "Have you noticed the difference? While Drake is arriving at Yemen, you'll be able to notice the difference between E3 and the final build" | Screenshot | PS3


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 3 New Screenshots

1177 days 6 hours ago - Let's look at these beautiful sceneries. | Screenshot | PC


Skyrim Werewolf and Vampires Details

1173 days 15 hours ago - "We just found some werewolf news from a forum that one of the users said "I've literally just turned into a werewolf for the first time - it's ini... | News | PC


Skyrim Blue Eye Disease or a Bug?

1167 days 21 hours ago - "Recently, Skyrim's fan has taken a screenshot that shows a bug, or it's probably a disease on the eye." | Rumor | PC


Skyrim Can Be More Addictive Than Drugs?

1156 days 14 hours ago - "How long have you been playing Skyrim, one hour, ten hours or hundred hours?" | Article | PC


Uncharted 3 Cutscene Viewer Should Be Back in the Upcoming Patch Plus New Animation System Change

1157 days 13 hours ago - "How long have you been waiting for "The Cutscene Viewer", one day, two days or 20 days?" | News | PS3


New Japanese Boxarts (Including Final fantasy XIII-2)

1164 days 6 hours ago - "Recently, a lot of Box arts have been released" | Screenshot | PSP


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dragon Armor Screenshots

1171 days 13 hours ago - Take a look at these Dragon Armor screenshots. | Screenshot | PC


Major Issue - Uncharted 3 "Painfully Long Load Times Disc Loads"

1164 days 22 hours ago - "Uncharted 3 was released on November 1, 2011. Unfortunately, Uncharted 3 has been a major issue (just one day a ago) on November 2." | News | PS3


WWE '12 Full Roster

1172 days 3 hours ago - THQ has now revealed the full and final roster for WWE '12. | News | Wii


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Invisible chair

1172 days 15 hours ago - Let's take a look at this invisible chair. | Screenshot | PC


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Will You Hide under the Bed?

1173 days 1 hour ago - "Another Skyrim's fan has found a guy sleeping under his bed" | Screenshot | PC


Mass Effect 3 New Shepard and Miranda Story

1165 days 18 hours ago - "The Mass Effect’s fan posted a part of the storyline ( that guy who played the leaked Beta and wrote this information ) from Shepard and Miranda." | News | PC


PS Vita VS PSP 3000 "PS Vita's d-pad is almost like analog sticks"

1153 days 17 hours ago - "In this video, we have discovered that PS Vita's d-pad is almost like analog sticks (in the conversion, we've heard of this) sticks, and the color... | Video | PSP


60 Screenshots Show the Most Beautiful Sceneries in Skyrim

1161 days 15 hours ago - "we have been waiting for this opportunity to show these "Most Beautiful Sceneries in Skyrim" | Screenshot | PC


Skyrim Can You Use the Shield Like Bomb

1161 days 13 hours ago - In this gameplay, you will be able to see clearly that the player is using the shield to attack his enemies. | Video | PC


Skyrim Beautiful Scenery with a Weird Mask

1174 days 12 hours ago - Let's take a look at these beautiful screenshots. | Screenshot | PC


The New Nintendo 3DS XL Is Here

Now - Is the system worth your hard earned money? | Promoted post
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