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Only 1 PSN account per PS Vita

1239 days 1 hour ago - "Recently, we found a bad news for the Sony's upcoming handhelds Playstation Vita. It was from a forum that a user just came back from the PS Vita... | Rumor | PS Vita


PS Vita Box Arrived in Store (PSVita Made in China? PSP in Japan)

1239 days 11 hours ago - "Sony has finally decided to send out its new handheld's boxes (Playstation Vita) to local game retailers in Japan" | News | PS Vita


Shinobido 2 PS Vita New Screenshots

1239 days 17 hours ago - Check out for the new screenshots of Shinobido 2 (PS Vita). | Screenshot | PS Vita


Power Smash 4 PlayStation Vita Commercial

1239 days 20 hours ago - Check out for Power Smash 4 commercial now. | Trailer | PS Vita


Make the World / Break the World

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play. Give us your vote on Steam Greenlight! | Promoted post

Making of Rayman Origins

1239 days 21 hours ago - Ubisoft has released the making of Rayman Origins video. Check out now! | Trailer | PC


Ghost Recon Online - Concept Art

1239 days 21 hours ago - Ubisoft has released the concept art of Ghost Recon Online check out now! | Trailer | PC


Half-Life 3 In Development?

1240 days 8 hours ago - "How long have you been waiting for the next series of Half-Life? Finally, a guy was walking around the street, and he saw a employee of Valve" | Rumor | PC


PlayStation Vita Full TV Spot Japan

1240 days 11 hours ago - "Previously, we posted a teaser of PlayStation Vita's commercial. Now, finally, the full version of commercial has arrived | Video | PS Vita


PSVita - LittleBigPlanet and Uncharted: Golden Abyss Gameplays

1240 days 22 hours ago - Watch 2 new gameplays of LittleBigPlanet and Uncharted: Golden Abyss | Video | PS Vita


PS Vita UI Tour and Sound Shapes Videos

1240 days 22 hours ago - Someone has uploaded 2 new videos for PS Vita. | Video | PS Vita


BioWare Pulse: Mass Effect 3 Combat

1240 days 22 hours ago - BioWare has released a new video for Mass Effect 3. | Video | PC


PS Vita VS PSP 3000 "PS Vita's d-pad is almost like analog sticks"

1241 days 3 hours ago - "In this video, we have discovered that PS Vita's d-pad is almost like analog sticks (in the conversion, we've heard of this) sticks, and the color... | Video | PSP


Resident Evil: Revelations 2 New Videos

1241 days 11 hours ago - Capcom has just released 2 new videos for Resident Evil: Revelations. | Video | 3DS


PS VITA Sumioni Trailer

1241 days 13 hours ago - Watch the trailer of Sumioni (PS VITA). | Trailer | PS Vita


Uncharted Trilogy Tribute Trailer

1241 days 13 hours ago - Watch the Uncharted Trilogy Tribute Trailer now. | Video | PS3


Uncharted 3 E3 vs Final Build (27 comparisions)

1242 days 8 hours ago - "Today, a Uncharted 3's fan has revealed more screenshots for the E3 and Final Build. Well, we have shown you a screenshots above" | Screenshot | PS3


Skyrim Texture Comparison Before and After 1.2 Patch

1243 days 1 hour ago - "Recently, 1.2 Patch has just been released in Europe, but have you had a look before updating the patch" | Screenshot | PC


Resident Evil 6 in Development?

1243 days 2 hours ago - "Earlier months (September), it was rumored a big announcement for one of the biggest projects of Capcom Resident Evil 6 that lots of people were t... | Rumor | PC


PS Vita Line-up Gameplay (Uncharted, Rayman, Micheal Jackson and More)

1243 days 7 hours ago - Let's watch the line-up gameplay that includes Uncharted, Rayman, Micheal Jackson and More. | Video | PS Vita


Final Fantasy XIII-2 New off-Screenshots

1243 days 8 hours ago - "Some off-screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII-2 have been leaked out by a Japanese website" | Screenshot | Xbox 360


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