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AceGamez: Alan Wake: The Signal Review

1714 days 19 hours ago - AceGamez writes: "The original Alan Wake is undeniably an awesome game and Microsoft is extremely lucky to have it as an Xbox 360 exclusive title.... | Review | Xbox 360


AceGamez: Green Day: Rock Band Review

1769 days 6 hours ago - AceGamez: Green Day: Rock Band isn’t a bad game; if anything, it’s actually a rather good game, one that will certainly please fans while offering... | Review | PS3


Ace Gamez: Alan Wake Review

1802 days 21 hours ago - Alan Wake is an amazing game with a few slight flaws. The story is intriguing and well told. The contrast of Light and Dark is spectacular both in... | Review | Xbox 360


Ace Gamez: Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City Review

1805 days 21 hours ago - Ace Gamez writes: "Old news to most, the much heralded 360 exclusive expansion packs to modern classic Grand Theft Auto IV have finally arrived on... | Review | PS3


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Ace Gamez: Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse Episode 1: The Penal Zone Review

1806 days 14 hours ago - Telltale Games have created a charming little adventure – a rare low budget gem tucked away amongst the PSN dross. It’s like Broken Sword meets Rat... | Review | PC


Ace Gamez: Majesty 2: Kingmaker Review

1837 days 9 hours ago - It's more of the same, faster, more hectic, and probably more demanding on your higher brain functions – but it feels like such a damn shame. It fe... | Review | 12


Ace Gamez: Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Review

1844 days 19 hours ago - It's simply breathtaking, and it's easy to see why many people see Arkham as one of the defining games in, well, history. Not only does it pretty m... | Review | 1,2


Ace Gamez: Dead or Alive Paradise Review

1845 days 4 hours ago - You jump between islands (well, still shots of islands), you give and receive arbitrary gifts from Zack and the other girls which supposedly determ... | Review | 4


Ace Gamez: Flotilla Review

1845 days 4 hours ago - It's a shame it remains such a one-trick-pony, but at this price tag, you really shouldn't be expecting anything else. Thankfully, that pony is be... | Review | 12


Ace Gamez: Driving Simulator Review

1845 days 8 hours ago - Do not buy this game. Ever. If you see it in a bargain bin for 10p, ignore it. If someone gives it to you for free, as a gift, refuse it. This... | Review | 12


Ace Gamez: Rune Factory: Frontier Review

1845 days 8 hours ago - Rune Factory is a classic example of a game that has bitten off more than it can chew. It tries its best to offer freeform, open-ended gameplay but... | Review | 3


Ace Gamez: The Eye of Judgement Legends Review

1848 days 14 hours ago - Compared to the now forgotten Pokémon Trading Card Videogame, the simplicity and lack of emphasis on the cards themselves does a disservice to... | Review | 4


Ace Gamez: Resonance of Fate Review

1848 days 23 hours ago - Genre fans will appreciate the new, faster-paced slant on turn-based combat whilst those who usually steer clear might well find themselves enamour... | Review | 1,2


Ace Gamez: Perfect Dark Review

1848 days 23 hours ago - It's a shame that a game that was so revolutionary and such good fun to play ten years ago has stagnated to such a damaging degree. It may be a lan... | Review | 2


Ace Gamez: Final Fantasy XIII (360) Review

1877 days 23 hours ago - It's no secret that Square-Enix has moved its hovering attack cursor over the West for some time now. Last March the developer set up shop in Los A... | Review | 2


Ace Gamez: Star Trek Online Review

1878 days 17 hours ago - For any developer, the prospect of acquiring a popular intellectual property licence can be both a dream come true and a total nightmare. Being abl... | Review | 12


Ace Gamez: Phantasy Star 0 Review

1879 days 9 hours ago - The Phantasy Star series helped mould the blueprint for the modern RPG, and delving back into its rich history it's also a series that has helped s... | Review | 5


Ace Gamez: Aliens vs. Predator PS3 Review

1880 days 23 hours ago - It's only just under half way in to Aliens vs. Predator's Marine campaign when the above words come crackling in to your ear piece. Not much time a... | Review | 1

Ace Gamez: Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce PS3 Review

1880 days 23 hours ago - If nothing else, the Dynasty Warriors franchise will surely go down in history as the ultimate form of marmite videogame design. With every release... | Review | 1

Ace Gamez: Bioshock 2 PC Review

1880 days 23 hours ago - Ace Gamez writes: "First things first. A decent Bioshock 2 review just can't be done without referencing the first. It just can't. If you have... | Review | 12


Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

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