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Ace Gamez: Star Trek Online Review

2097 days 8 hours ago - For any developer, the prospect of acquiring a popular intellectual property licence can be both a dream come true and a total nightmare. Being abl... | Review | 12


Ace Gamez: Phantasy Star 0 Review

2098 days ago - The Phantasy Star series helped mould the blueprint for the modern RPG, and delving back into its rich history it's also a series that has helped s... | Review | 5


Ace Gamez: Aliens vs. Predator PS3 Review

2099 days 14 hours ago - It's only just under half way in to Aliens vs. Predator's Marine campaign when the above words come crackling in to your ear piece. Not much time a... | Review | 1

Ace Gamez: Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce PS3 Review

2099 days 14 hours ago - If nothing else, the Dynasty Warriors franchise will surely go down in history as the ultimate form of marmite videogame design. With every release... | Review | 1


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Ace Gamez: Bioshock 2 PC Review

2099 days 14 hours ago - Ace Gamez writes: "First things first. A decent Bioshock 2 review just can't be done without referencing the first. It just can't. If you have... | Review | 12


Ace Gamez: Darwinia+ Review

2103 days 10 hours ago - Darwinia's greatest attribute by far is its charm. Drawing in myriad trappings of gaming and nerd culture, it instantly feels comfortable while sti... | Review | 2

Ace Gamez: Global Agenda Review

2106 days 11 hours ago - Ace Gamez writes: "It all started so incredibly well. Locked in some sort of freaky stasis-reprogramming-jam-cage-jar device, my secret agent... | Review | 12


Ace Gamez: S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat Review

2107 days 10 hours ago - Ace Gamez writes: "Stalker has always held a special place in my heart. So open and yet so buggy, so beautiful and yet so broken, so fun and... | Review | 12


Can Natal Win the Console War?

2110 days 12 hours ago - Think about it; if Microsoft were to really deliver on their promises for Natal and capture the imagination of their intended audience, Natal coul... | Article | 2


Ace Gamez: Undead Knights Review

2111 days 20 hours ago - Ace Gamez writes: "Zombies are increasingly in vogue when it comes to being the most popular adversary in videogames. From the slow, shuffling... | Review | 4


Ace Gamez: Vancouver 2010 (360) Review

2113 days 10 hours ago - Button mashing athletics games have been part of video game lore since track and field first crippled youngsters hands more than a quarter of a cen... | Review | 2

Ace Gamez: Dante's Inferno (360) Review

2113 days 12 hours ago - Ace Gamez writes: "The Divine Comedy has been the centre of much media attention since it was wrote sometime in the early fourteenth century,... | Review | 2

Ace Gamez: Heavy Rain Review

2113 days 21 hours ago - When a game comes along and does something outside of regular conventions, it will often spark a pandemic of navel-gazing across the world. You may... | Review | 1


Ace Gamez: MAG Review

2115 days 6 hours ago - Ace Gamez writes: "Ok, for those of you still there, MAG is a new breed of online console shooter, with developer Zipper attempting to bring t... | Review | 1


Ace Gamez: Bioshock 2 Xbox 360 Review

2117 days 15 hours ago - Sequels are always risky business, particularly when the original game ticked all the right boxes. Bioshock was one of those rare titles that got a... | Review | 2


AceGamez: Torchlight Review

2122 days 2 hours ago - AceGamez writes: "Kill one monster, you're a hero. Kill a thousand, you're a legend. Kill any more, and you're probably playing Torchlight.... | Review | 12


Ace Gamez: Chime Review

2125 days 9 hours ago - Ace Gamez writes: "Do you feel like making the world a better place today? Zoe Mode's music-based block puzzler Chime is the first charity tit... | Review | 2

Ace Gamez: Mass Effect 2 (360) Review

2126 days 12 hours ago - Succession is a hard road to walk for the successful. For the try-hards in life it's so much simpler: measure your failures, identify the necessary... | Review | 2


AceGamez: Lunia Chronicles Review

2129 days ago - AceGamez writes: "The term MMORPG often conjures up images of Orcs, dressed in ridiculously elaborate armour, stomping around in groups, sayin... | Review | 12


AceGamez: The Most Ridiculous Achievements – Part 2

2133 days 16 hours ago - AceGamez writes: "Ah… Achievements. Love 'em or hate 'em, they've changed things. For many, they're a source of joy and wonder, but some achie... | Article | 1,2


Forza Motorsport 6 (XB1) Review

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