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MegaCon 2008 - Comic Geeks Show Video Games Love

2675 days 8 hours ago - Lots of pictures from Megacon 2008 (Orlando, FL). Games/characters represented are: Final Fantasy's Vivi Phoenix Wright Resident Evil's H... | Image | 2,3,5,8,9,11,12


Videogame Anagram Photoshops Challenge

2712 days 9 hours ago - In a strait up admittance that the idea is stolen from SomethingAwful's well known "Photoshop Phriday" they do (which are well worth chec... | Image | 1,2,3,12


Motivational Gaming Posters '07 Edition (Best of)

2761 days 1 hour ago - NeoGAF users have started back up their tradition of some of the best made gaming themed Motivational Posters. A link from the first paragraph all... | Image | 11


Lara Croft poses for Nintendo Wii

2761 days 1 hour ago - From the page: "Apparently Lara Croft is a gamer and, if these new renderings from Eidos are any indication, loving her Wii. Now obviousl... | Image | 3


A Light Discussion: An Interview with Ben Archer

Now - Ben Archer, VP of Bishop Games, discusses the start of their studio, the story of Light Fall, inspirations, and their plans for release. | Promoted post
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