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Study: Gaming Makes You Less Aggressive

2798 days 17 hours ago - The study was conducted by Jane Barnett, of Middlesex University in the UK. She and her colleagues recruited 292 male and female World of Warcraft... | News | 11


What Happened to Xbox Rewards?

2800 days ago - ZeroContinues Editor ArtG writes: "I used to have a problem; a points problem, if you will. Yes, I'm talking about those stupid achieveme... | Article | 2


Five Things That Could Improve Xbox Live

2802 days 1 hour ago - ZeroContinues Editor TalorB writes: "Xbox Live is the most successful online console service to date. With over 10 million subscribers, i... | Article | 2


"Are Video Games Doomed to Irrelevance"?

2802 days 12 hours ago - ZeroContinues editor Art Green responds to Toronto Globe and Mail's Chad Sapieha's quesiton: Are Video Games Doomed to Irrelevance. "He's... | Article | 11


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Five Things Wrong With Microsoft

2803 days 3 hours ago - Art Green from ZeroContinues writes: "Microsoft has held the distinction of being the market leader for most of the console race, until t... | Article | 2


PlayStation Network: You're Doin' It Wrong

2804 days 1 hour ago - Many have criticized Microsoft's decision to charge gamers for the use of their online gaming suite. Most of the question marks arise due to Sony p... | Article | 1,11,13


Women Taking to PSP More Than Men?

2804 days 2 hours ago - File this under "eye-raiser": A study by Solutions Research Group found that among men and women that describe themselves as "g... | News | 11


Why Are Gamers Ashamed of Their Hobby?

2805 days 4 hours ago - "At the risk of going off the deep end of hyperbole, afford me just the one statement upfront: Why are gamers ashamed of their own hobby?... | Article | 11


Battlefield Bad Company Beta Servers Are Exploding

2806 days 2 hours ago - Zero Continues Editor TalorB tells us about his Battlefield Bad Company Experience so far. | News | 2


Gaming at the Library?

2806 days 7 hours ago - Kids in Storm Lake, IA, can go down to their local library and play games like Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution. Crazy, right? "It... | News | 11


Five Things Wrong With Sony

2807 days 6 hours ago - Sony found itself in a precarious position at the start of this console race. It launched at a price that instantly cast a shadow on the system, ra... | Article | 1


UK "Cracking Down" on Video Games?

2808 days 1 hour ago - "I guess it's good to know that the American government does not hold a monopoly over idiocy. On Thursday, Tanya Byron, a "TV psychologis... | News | 13


Zero Continues: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Review

2808 days 11 hours ago - The amount of tremendous shooters that are available on the Xbox 360 is absolutely astounding. With so many options for gamers to choose from, it'd... | Review | 1, 2


Five Things Wrong With Nintendo

2810 days 4 hours ago - "The Nintendo Wii is by far one of the biggest surprise stories of gaming. From its unconventional name to its even more unconventional contro... | Article | 3


Rock Band Music Store Now Live

2810 days 6 hours ago - Yesterday, we told you about the Rock Band Music Store that Harmonix was setting up. The update comes in the form of a patch and has the addition o... | News | 1,2


Zerocontinues Review: Condemned 2: Bloodshot

2811 days 8 hours ago - Condemned 2 is a great single player game. If all you're looking for is more Condemned, then you got it in large doses. It adds some excellent new... | Review | 1,2


Zero Continues Reviews Super Smash Bros. Brawl

2813 days 10 hours ago - Editor Art Green gave it a "rent" rating, and had this to say about the title: "Brawl isn't just a fighting or party game; it i... | Review | 3


Blu-Ray Out of the Box: Not So Crazy After All?

2814 days 23 hours ago - Zero Continues Editor Mike Caceci explores the option by Sony to include Blu-Ray in every PS3, saying: "Ever since the launch of the Play... | Article | 1


Zero Continues: Army of Two Review

2816 days 1 hour ago - Zero Continues reviewed EA's Army of Two, giving it a "rent" rating. They had this to say about the title: "Overall, Army of Tw... | Review | 1,2

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