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6 Sad Video Games to Dampen Your Christmas

2 days 9 hours ago - In true humbug fashion, JBH lists six sad games for people who hate Christmas as much as he does. | Opinion piece | PC


Zero1gaming: Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Review

9 days 10 hours ago - Released less than two months after the original, JBH reviews Five Nights at Freddy's 2. | Review | PC


Zero1gaming: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Review

16 days 5 hours ago - JBH reviews 'The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth' whilst discussing why the original is one of his favourite games of all time. | Review | PC


Interview With Rob O'Leary of Adventure Box

16 days 23 hours ago - While attending EGX 2014 at Earl’s Court, London on Thursday 25th September 2014, Paul Izod caught up with Rob O’Leary,CTO of Adventure Box Rob... | Interview | PC


Blood & Blade Giveaway

Now - Join us in celebrating the release of Blood & Blade with a key giveaway for in game gems. | Promoted post

My Retro Years - Jareth Anstey

18 days 12 hours ago - As the newest addition to the team at Zero1Gaming, Jareth am to undergo a rite of passage that is to write an article detailing his gaming history.... | Opinion piece | Culture


Football Manager 2015 Review - Zero1gaming

19 days 1 hour ago - Paul Izod's been reviewing Football Manager games for a number of years now and most of the time they’re a bit of a dichotomy. On one hand they’... | Review | PC


Trent's Musical Adventure - Part Two

20 days 2 hours ago - Trent Cannon from continues his glorious weekend of video game music with Distant Worlds in London's Royal Albert Hall. | Article | Culture


Trent's Musical Adventure - Part One

22 days 10 hours ago - Trent Cannon from visits London for a series of concerts featuring video game music. The first is his take on A New World, with int... | Article | Culture


Zero1gaming: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Review

23 days 3 hours ago - JBH reviews the Astronauts' beautiful but obtuse adventure game, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. | Review | PC


Zero1Gaming - Combat Virtuality Part I: On Video Game Violence

25 days 10 hours ago - An introduction to the on-going "Combat Virtuality" series examining combat in video gaming, exploring the history of violence in games and examini... | Article | Culture


Die, you bastard!

25 days 10 hours ago - Sometimes when we get lost in a game we forget the people around us. After being recently obsessed with Bungie's Destiny, Zero1Gaming writer Sebast... | Article | PS4


PAYDAY 2 John Wick DLC Released - Zero1gaming

30 days 6 hours ago - Trent from takes a look at the newest DLC for PAYDAY 2, which lets you run heists and cause mayham with Keanu Reeves himself. | Review | PC


Zero1gaming: They Breathe Review

30 days 11 hours ago - As part of the Horror Show, JBH reviews froggy horror title, They Breathe. | Review | PC


I Wish I Knew How To Quit You

32 days 7 hours ago - After more than six weeks out in the wild, Bungie's Destiny is proving to be a hard game to put down. Sebastian Young, writing for Zero1Gaming, tak... | Opinion piece | PS4


Dragon Age II Retrospective

32 days 23 hours ago - Just weeks ahead of the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition, Trent from takes a look at the previous entry in the DA series. | Opinion piece | PC


Wasteland 2 Review - Zero1Gaming

34 days 22 hours ago - It’s not often that Paul's had cause to review a Kickstarted game here on Zero1gaming, but with the crowd-funding movement becoming so prominent ov... | Review | PC


Zero1gaming: The Evil Within Review

36 days 11 hours ago - In the latest 'Horror Show' article, Z1G's JBH reviews the most anticipated survival horror release of the year, The Evil Within. | Review | PC


Zombie Driver: Ultimate Edition Review

40 days 5 hours ago - Released in July 2014, Zombie Driver: Ultimate Edition, from Exor Studios is part of a growing trend of established PC titles being ported across,... | Opinion piece | PC


Zero1Gaming - Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Review

42 days 7 hours ago - Chris Halpin-Durband of reviews Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and attempts to find out if the game really lives up to the hype. | Review | PC


Zero1gaming: Contrast Review

44 days 9 hours ago - Almost a year after its original release as part of the PS4's launch line-up, JBH takes a look at Compulsion Games' imaginative indie title, Contra... | Review | PC


Lords of the Fallen (PS4) Review

Now - Drew puts his soul into this review. | Promoted post
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