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Zero1Gaming: Hands On - The Evil Within

1 hour ago - Zero1Gaming recently got the opportunity to get an early hands on play of The Evil Within; the latest assault on the third person horror genre from... | Preview | PS4


Zero1Gaming: Train Fever Review

2 days 13 hours ago - JBH reviews indie public transport focused simulation game, Train Fever. | Review | PC


Zero1Gaming: Velocity 2x Review

9 days 12 hours ago - JBH reviews Futurlab's Velocity 2x, available now on PS plus. | Review | PS4


Sebastian's Holiday Season Preview

10 days 22 hours ago - With the winter season games bonanza almost upon us, Sebastian Young at Zero1Gaming discusses the biggest upcoming games on his wish list. | Opinion piece | PC


Celebrate the new TV season with Filmwatch

Now - With the 2014-2015 TV season right around the corner, come join us on Filmwatch as we celebrate and give all you TV lovers something to enjoy! | Promoted post

Trent's Holiday Season Preview

13 days 6 hours ago - Trent Cannon from is taking a look at the games due out in the waning months of 2014 that have really caught his fancy. | Article | PC


JBH's Holiday Season Preview

16 days 11 hours ago - In the first addition of Zero1gaming's series of holiday season previews, JBH discusses Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Kingdom Come: Deliverance a... | Preview | PC


Proteus Review - Zero1Gaming

18 days 13 hours ago - Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's... what is it??? Sebastian Young reviews Proteus, out now on PS3 and Vita. | Review | PS3


Divinity: Original Sin Review - Zero1Gaming

20 days 15 hours ago - Trent Cannon from takes a look at what has made Divinity: Original Sin one of this year's breakout RPG hits. | Review | PC


Zero1Gaming: ArcheAge Closed Beta 4 Preview

23 days 11 hours ago - JBH previews the fourth closed beta event of Trion World's hugely anticipated MMO, ArcheAge. | Preview | PC


Great Combat is its own Reward

27 days 10 hours ago - Trent Cannon from takes a look at some of the best combat systems we've seen in the past. | Article | Industry


Silent Hill(s) - The Mistakes of Your Youth

30 days 10 hours ago - Following the reveal of Silent Hills, JBH discusses what lessons the game should learn from its predecessors. | Opinion piece | PS4


Zero1gaming: P.T. Review (Silent Hills Teaser)

33 days 7 hours ago - Following the reveal at Gamescom, JBH reviews 'P.T.', the playable teaser for the new Silent Hill game, as its own horror experience. | Review | PS4


Zero1gaming: Transistor Review

37 days 11 hours ago - JBH reviews Supergiant Games' isometric cyber-punk game, Transistor. | Review | PC


One Man's Remake Is Another Man's Masterpiece

39 days 15 hours ago - Sebastian Young offers a counter-argument for why new generation remasters are not such a bad thing at the end of the day. | Article | Xbox 360


The Backwards Compatibility Scam

40 days 8 hours ago - JBH ponders what serial remastering as a result of the lack of backwards compatibility might do to the games industry. | Opinion piece | PS4


You got Video Games in my Movies

41 days 13 hours ago - Trent Cannon with Zero1gaming takes a look at what makes video game movies so very bad. | Opinion piece | Industry


Zero1Gaming: FIFA 15 Preview

42 days 9 hours ago - Oli Smith looks ahead and talks about what we know already about EA's annual update; FIFA 15 | Preview | PS4


5 Terrifying Horror Game Antagonists

43 days 23 hours ago - Horror games are often defined by their antagonists. For Zero1gaming, here are the Horror Show's top 5. | Opinion piece | Culture


A Pixel-Spent Youth: Part III

46 days 5 hours ago - Sebastian Young takes another saunter down memory lane in his retrospective series on gaming in his youth. | Article | Retro


Zero1gaming: Vlad the Impaler Review

47 days 10 hours ago - JBH reviews choose-your-own-adventure style horror game, Vlad the Impaler. | Review | PC


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post

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