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Dungeon Week: Ocarina of Time’s Forest Temple

10 days 1 hour ago - Zelda Informer: Picking a favorite dungeon out of the entire Legend of Zelda series may seem daunting, but when I was posed with the question, my... | Opinion piece | Retro


Top 5 Shameless Zelda Clones

10 days 3 hours ago - Zelda Informer: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” an adage wisely spoken by 19th-century English writer Charles Caleb Colton, most ce... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Redeeming Qualities of Zelda II

31 days 15 hours ago - Often considered the Zelda series black sheep, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link gets a lot of undeserved hate. Many complain that the game is too d... | Opinion piece | Retro


The Eternal Argument for Zelda U: Quality vs. Crass Consumerism?

32 days 9 hours ago - It would be an enormous understatement to say that Nintendo depends on Zelda U. This is going to be the biggest project the company’s ever made.... | Opinion piece | Wii U


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What I Don’t Want to See in a Zelda Game

33 days 12 hours ago - ZI writes: " The Legend of a Zelda is a saga of formulas. Before we even start to play each game, we know more or less what we are going to find: m... | Opinion piece | Wii U


A Link Between Worlds Shows Promise for Zelda U

51 days ago - ZI writes: "A Link Between Worlds seems a bit polarizing among the fan base. Some love the rental system, others hate it. Some enjoy the story, oth... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Top 5 Underrated Zelda Boss Fights

51 days 8 hours ago - ZI writes: " The best Zelda bosses are easily the ones that can combine the theme of their dungeon’s design with the dungeon’s new item in a creati... | Opinion piece | Culture


Happy 28th Birthday, Zelda

51 days 9 hours ago - On the 21st of February 1986, the first The Legend of Zelda game was released. 28 years later, 15 more cannon games have been released with a 17th... | News | Retro


Bold Prediction: Hyrule Warriors Will Be a Wii U System Seller

51 days 9 hours ago - ZI writes: "Let's face it, there are plenty of people that are feeling underwhelmed and disappointed by the upcoming offshoot of the Zelda franchis... | Opinion piece | Wii U


A Secret and Personal Journey

51 days 11 hours ago - The Legend of Zelda series is a franchise that has been dissected on so many levels. Players have drawn and—at times—extrapolated such a wealth of... | Opinion piece | Culture


Why the Romance of Link and Zelda Matters

59 days 13 hours ago - Zelda Informer: "Though we very rarely get a concise confirmation that they did, in fact, get married and ride off into the sunset together, we do... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


A Secret and Personal Journey

59 days 22 hours ago - Zelda Informer: "The Legend of Zelda series is a franchise that has been dissected on so many levels. Players have drawn and—at times—extrapolated... | Article | Nintendo DS


Why Zelda’s End Credits Are Important

75 days 19 hours ago - Zelda Informer: "It’s all done and dusted. Ganondorf is beaten, turned to stone, blown to smithereens. Or one of his accomplices is. Through ice an... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Ocarina of Time Has Now Been Mapped in Full Isometric View

80 days 3 hours ago - ZI writes: Have I talked about how awesome the Zelda fan base has been lately? Between Majora's Mask on the GameBoy to a short film... and heck ano... | Image | Retro


Hyrule Warriors: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

80 days 16 hours ago - Zelda Informer: "Now that some time has passed since Nintendo shocked us all with the announcement of a Dynasty Warriors/Legend of Zelda spinoff, I... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Zelda Short Film, ‘Escape’, Getting a Feature Length Version

107 days 13 hours ago - ZI writes: There's been many attempts at making film out of our beloved game franchises, many terrible, and Zelda is no exception. However, last ye... | News | Culture


How the Majora's Mask Bunny Hood Came to Be Loved (and Should Be Again)

107 days 13 hours ago - ZI writes: The mask trading sequence as Child Link in Ocarina of Time wasn’t just any old side quest. It opened up a further exploration of Hyrule... | Opinion piece | Retro


Filler Content Doesn’t Always Work in Zelda

116 days 22 hours ago - Zelda Informer: "So, you’ve conquered the final temple in the game and are ready to take on Ganon himself. You return to the Temple of Time and awa... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Hyrule Warriors is Good for Nintendo, Won’t Deter Zelda U

119 days 1 hour ago - Zelda Informer: "This morning Nintendo dropped a proverbial bombshell announcement via Nintendo Direct about an all new Zelda game. The only thing... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Theory: The Origins of Tingle

119 days 19 hours ago - Zelda Informer: "Tingle was first introduced to us in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask as a quirky little man pretending to be a fairy. From ther... | Opinion piece | Wii U


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