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SimCity 5 Video Review - ZGR

806 days 14 hours ago - ZGR Says: "Unless you’ve been living in a cave this past week, I’m sure you’ve read about the horrendous launch of Maxis and Electronic Art’s late... | Review | PC


Tomb Raider 2013 (PC) Video Review - ZGR

811 days 19 hours ago - ZGR Said: "2013 has turned out to be a hell of a year so far for successful AAA games and we’ve got another to add to the list. Released on March... | Review | PC


Dead Space 3 Video Review (PC) - ZGR

835 days 21 hours ago - ZGR Said: "If you watched my video “I suck at Dead Space 3” a few weeks ago, you certainly would have noticed that I hadn’t played the previous De... | Review | PC


Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Video Review - ZGR

847 days 20 hours ago - ZGR said: "It’s been a while now since I’ve played a good classic JRPG. With the large amount of shooters and action games released over the past... | Review | PS3


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Risen 2: Dark Waters - Video Review - ZGR

1130 days 4 hours ago - Zeitgeist Game Review said: "A few weeks back I got my hands on a preview build of Piranha Bytes latest Action RPG Risen 2 and I gave you my thoug... | Review | PC


Risen 2 Gameplay Preview Video - ZGR

1155 days 13 hours ago - Zeitgeist Game Review says: "Back in early 2010 I reviewed Risen on both the PC and the Xbox 360. The 360 version wasn’t really all that great as... | Preview | PC


Mass Effect 3 Video Review - ZGR

1167 days 18 hours ago - Zeitgeist Game Review says: "After battling countless hours in the epic tales of Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, the epic conclusion to the story o... | Review | PC


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Video Review - ZGR

1184 days 2 hours ago - Zeitgeist Game Review says: “I’ll tell you what, all these RPGs that I review just make me look like a lazy ass, especially epic-long action-adven... | Review | PC


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Video Review - ZGR

1198 days 14 hours ago - Zeitgeist Game Review says: “First and foremost I’d like to apologize that it took me this long to get my review of Final Fantasy XIII-2> out, esp... | Review | Xbox 360


AVerMedia Game Capture HD Video Review - ZGR

1213 days 4 hours ago - Zeitgeist Game Review says: “Well the slow month of January is finally about to pass us and we can start to see some actual new video games being... | Review | Wii


Steelseries Diablo III Headset Review - ZGR

1220 days 6 hours ago - Zeitgeist Game Review says: “Alright, this week I’ve got another product review for you. Several months ago SteelSeries sent me their latest Diab... | Review | PC


Pelican 1560 Case Review - ZGR

1231 days 12 hours ago - Zeitgeist Game Review says: “Well the New Year is upon us and I’m all moved into my new home, but with new construction comes the lack of services... | Review | Tech


Top 10 Games of 2011 - ZGR

1238 days 1 hour ago - Zeitgeist Game Review said: “Oh 2011… you crazy son of a bitch. 2010 gave us a massive list of wonderful games and yet you come along and just blo... | Video | PC


Assassin's Creed: Revelations Video Review - ZGR

1255 days 17 hours ago - Zeitgeist Game Review says: "As the end of the year rapidly approaches, the massive onslaught of big-name games have finally all been released, g... | Review | PC


Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Video Review - ZGR

1268 days 6 hours ago - Zeitgeist Game Review says: "Last year I hinted that I believed that the Halo franchise would die with Bungie and Reach, and that even though 343... | Review | Xbox 360


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Video Review - ZGR

1275 days 16 hours ago - Zeitgeist Game Review says: "The Legend of Zelda was the very first game I’d ever played 25 years ago, so when the 25th anniversary of the series... | Review | Wii


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Video Review - ZGR

1286 days 20 hours ago - Zeitgeist Game Review says: "And here we are, Skyrim, the highly anticipated sequel to the epitome of sandbox RPGs, Oblivon, has finally arrived;... | Review | PC


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Video Review - ZGR

1294 days 9 hours ago - Zeitgeist Game Review says: "Now that the two “Big” Modern Military Shooters have been released, the “Internet Super-Nerd-Rage My Favorite Game Is... | Review | PC


Uncharted 3 Video Review - ZGR

1300 days 4 hours ago - Zeitgeist Game Review says: "And here we are with the next in the great Fall lineup this year. Released on November 1st exclusively for the Plays... | Review | PS3


Battlefield 3 Video Review - ZGR

1308 days 17 hours ago - Zeitgeist Game Review says: "And here we are - the first of the big-name modern military shooters for the Fall Season has arrived. Released on Oc... | Review | PC


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