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ZaGamer- Last of Us Review

762 days 17 hours ago - ZG: There are plenty post-apocalyptic games out there, where you are able to craft weapons and battle your way through waves of infected and deadly... | Review | PS3


ZaGamer- Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review

802 days 12 hours ago - ZG:If you want gameplay that “flows” and you do not want to spend hours looking for your way through a map or mission, just want enemies to cut dow... | Review | PC


ZaGamer- Remember Me Review

825 days 1 hour ago - ZG:The Year; 2084, the place; Neo-Paris. Social networking has evolved to the next level. A device “sensen” connects directly to your memories that... | Review | PC


ZaGamer- GRID 2 Review

825 days 1 hour ago - ZG:When all is said and done, and the tyre smoke fades away Grid to is an exciting, thrilling and realistic racer. With no driver aids newbies to r... | Review | PC


This October's Releases For All Things PlayStation

Now - The spooky month of October is almost upon us and that means another calendar month of releases to feed our gamer appetites. We take a look at what... | Promoted post

ZaGamer-Resident Evil: Revelations HD Review

838 days 20 hours ago - ZG:The Resident Evil franchise spurned from its first console release in 1996 on Sony’s First Playstation, later being ported to other consoles and... | Review | PC


ZaGamer- Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel Review

861 days 17 hours ago - ZG:Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel is the third instalment in the Army of Two series. Developers have left no stone unturned (or shot apart!) to br... | Review | PC


ZaGamer- Battlefield 3: End Game DLC Review

872 days 20 hours ago - ZG:Battlefield 3, a triple-A FPS title that took the gaming world by storm with its legendary graphics on the Frostbite Engine and more than 150 ho... | Review | PC


ZaGamer- Dead Space 3 Review

905 days 19 hours ago - ZG:Dead Space 3 delivers on the nose in this third installment of the epic series. The game has definitely worked out the bugs of its predecessors... | Review | PC


ZaGamer- SimCity Review

929 days 13 hours ago - ZG:Although this SimCity is great, it is plagued with errors and the extremely frustrating DRM which basically ensures you cannot play the game at... | Review | PC


ZaGamer- Crysis 3 Review

940 days 18 hours ago - ZG:This is the 4th release under the title, and and all I can say is they have not disappointed with Crysis 3. | Review | PC


ZaGamer- Anarchy Reigns Review

944 days 15 hours ago - ZG:Anarchy Reigns is a great game full of exciting martial arts and sword fighting. | Review | Xbox 360


ZaGamer- Aliens Colonial Marines Review

950 days 4 hours ago - ZG:A dark cold place, my motion sensor is beating as if it’s my own heart. Almost suddenly it starts to race, quickens it’s pace of beating and I i... | Review | PC


ZaGamer- Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Review

961 days 20 hours ago - ZG:This is a racing game….now in saying that, understand that it is a Sonic racing game. This implies high action, high speed and great adventure.... | Review | PC


ZaGamer- DMC: Devil May Cry Review

971 days 19 hours ago - ZG:The character “Dante” was created as a strong, powerful and skilful warrior battling hordes of demons in limbo. This allows for two important th... | Review | PC


ZaGamer-Rise of the Guardians Review

971 days 19 hours ago - ZG:Rise of the Guardians is an adequate game however it doesn’t have the grab factor that keeps you coming back for more. There is or was a lot of... | Review | Xbox 360


ZaGamer-WWE 13 Review

997 days 19 hours ago - ZAG:Let’s start off by saying that this is the best wrestling game that I have played in a long time. It not only makes you want to play but has so... | Review | Xbox 360


ZaGamer-Dishonored Review

1011 days 12 hours ago - ZG:In Dishonored you play as the silent Corvo Attano, bodyguard to the Empress. Almost immediately as you arrive back in Dunwall you are framed for... | Review | PC


ZaGamer-Dance Central 3 Review

1011 days 12 hours ago - ZG:Dance Central 3 is the latest game in this Dance Central franchise. Boasting entertaining and loads of fun dance routines and great characters t... | Review | Xbox 360


ZaGamer-Planetside 2 Review

1011 days 12 hours ago - ZG:In the beautiful setting of the planet Auraxis, over three continents, Planetside 2 takes place. Three factions; The Terran Republic, the New Co... | Review | PC


ZaGamer-Resident Evil 6 Review

1011 days 12 hours ago - ZG:Here we go, back into the new RESI…. Known Characters like LS. Kennedy and Chris Redfield are joined by new characters such as Jake Muller to fa... | Review | Xbox 360


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (XB1) Review

Now - Ken says goodbye to the franchise that started it all. | Promoted post
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