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Your Local Guardian Review - Alan Wake's American Nightmare

1350 days 4 hours ago - Your Local Guardian: It's good to see the old grouch back again. The first Alan Wake was an underrated game that I fear many people overlooked. It... | Review | Xbox 360


Your Local Guardian Review - FIFA Street

1350 days 4 hours ago - Your Local Guardian: It certainly is different to other football games. FIFA Street has an unusual and varied selection of modes and a huge wealth... | Review | Xbox 360


Your Local Guardian Review - Rocksmith (Playstation 3 U.S. IMPORT)

1350 days 4 hours ago - Your Local Guardian: I haven’t done this in a long time – imported a game because I was so impatient to play it. The days of the Megadrive, SNES et... | Review | Xbox 360


Your Local Guardian Review - UFC: Undisputed 3

1350 days 4 hours ago - Your Local Guardian: Here we are with another fighting game on the next-gen consoles. But this one has a little more realism than most - it's based... | Review | Xbox 360


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Your Local Guardian Review - Mass Effect 3

1350 days 19 hours ago - Your Local Guardian: The graphics are better than ever – characters are genuinely photo-realistic sometimes. The vistas of landscapes and structure... | Review | PC


YLG Freetime Review: Skyrim (Xbox 360 version tested)

1455 days 8 hours ago - YLG Freetime: I dabbled in Dragon Age: Origins but couldn’t get into it. The story didn’t resonate with me – it reminded me why I always used to av... | Review | PC


YLG: Fallout: New Vegas Review (360)

1862 days 18 hours ago - It’s somewhat ironic then that Fallout: New Vegas, never really changed from Fallout 3 either. In fact, it’s pretty much the same – but that’s not... | Review | Xbox 360


YLG: Sonic 4: Episode 1 Review (PS3)

1862 days 21 hours ago - YLG: "Despite having a number of well paced levels, most of the game saw our favourite blue fuzzy hedgehog, reduced to angry and aggressive furry w... | Review | PS3


YLG: Medal of Honor Review (PS3)

1863 days ago - First released on the original Playstation, Medal of Honor was arguably the first Second World War-based first-person shooter. Riding on its succes... | Review | PS3


YourLocalGuardian: Big Beach Sports 2 Review

1969 days 13 hours ago - David Rankin from YourLocalGuardian: There's is nothing intrinsically wrong with the game, I just wonder how long the minigame bubble will last and... | Review | Wii

YourLocalGuardian: Miner Disturbance Review

1969 days 13 hours ago - YourLocalGuardian: The aim of the game is to explore mines and search them for gold, diamonds and all sorts of hidden treasure. Equipped with a pic... | Review | iPhone

YourLocalGuardian: Transformers: War for Cybertron Review

1969 days 13 hours ago - YourLocalGuardian: Overall, Transformers: War for Cybertron, is a brilliant addition to the series, and well worth a look if you're a Transformers... | Review | PS3


YourLocalGuardian: Perfect Dark Review

2050 days 2 hours ago - Released on the ol' Nintendo 64 way back in 2000, many saw Perfect Dark as the spiritual successor to the seminal GoldenEye. Developed by RARE... | Review | 2


YLG: Metro 2033 Review

2065 days 14 hours ago - Featuring a solid plot with a haunting atmosphere, Metro 2033 is definitely worth checking out. | Review | 2

Your Local Guardian: Heavy Rain Review

2101 days 15 hours ago - YLG writes: "Let me get this out of the way first: Heavy Rain is not your average, bog-standard game, It's as close to a cinematic gaming expe... | Review | 1


Your Local Guardian: Dante's Inferno (PS3) Review

2101 days 15 hours ago - YLG writes: "While the idea of basing a game on a 14th century Italian poem may not occur to all of us, the developers of Dante's Inferno have... | Review | 1

Your Local Guardian: Plants vs Zombies (iPhone) Review

2107 days 20 hours ago - YLG writes: "This crazy and colourful tower defence game is like a drug. Once you have your first hit it's impossible not to get hooked.... | Review | 6


Your Local Guardian: GT Racing Motor Academy Review

2109 days 17 hours ago - Gran Turismo on the iPhone and iPod Touch - who'd have thought it? But yet here it is. OK, so it's not actually the official Gran Turismo gam... | Review | 6


Your Local Guardian: Mass Effect 2 Review

2110 days 20 hours ago - YLG writes: "Honestly, I've struggled to write an introduction to this review for about 15 minutes, but rather than try any clever wordplay I'... | Review | 2,12


Your Local Guardian: MAG Review

2115 days 19 hours ago - Following on from the SOCOM series, Zipper have come up with something a little different this time round. MAG (or Massive Action Game as it... | Review | 1


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