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YWB: Indie Game Development Part 2: Set Your Goals

531 days 18 hours ago - YWB - "Last time we discussed whether or not this is a venture you wish to pursue. I cautioned you on some things to be aware of if you’re going to... | Article | Industry


YWB: Indie Game Development Part 1: Educate Yourself

531 days 18 hours ago - YWB - "The first thing you should be asking yourself is; “Why be a game developer?”. I’m not here to tell you the answer to a question like that, b... | Article | Industry


YWB: Are Games *More* Than Art?

560 days 1 hour ago - YWB: "The late Roger Ebert once stirred up a veritable hornet’s nest when he proclaimed that “video games can never be art”. I know, I know: that t... | Opinion piece | Tech


YWB - Are flash games a thing of the past?

568 days 15 hours ago - YWB: "For people like myself, a huge part of my childhood was spent playing Flash games on the web. Sites like Kongregate and Newgrounds were often... | Opinion piece | Arcade


Getting started in Archeage

Now - Quick overview from Curse on everything you need to get going in Archeage. | Promoted post

YWB - How to kick start a career in video games journalism

597 days 21 hours ago - YWB Says: "Remember the days of CVG and Mean Machines? Back then, to be a Video Games Journalist you would have to write for one of these high end... | Article | Industry


YWB - Interview with founder of Nintendofeed

597 days 21 hours ago - YWB - "Today I am interviewing Josh Moorcroft-Jones – a technology and video games journalist from the UK. Josh is the founder of | Interview | Industry


YWB: How to make a killer game

782 days 14 hours ago - How do you create a killer game? Is it a science..? | Opinion piece | Dev

YWB: How to run your own online gamestore from a vetran

782 days 20 hours ago - Interview with the founder and MD of gameseek, if you have heard of it or not, it's been going well since the year 2000. | Interview | Tech


Raspberry Pi to offer "app store" for kids to sell games

817 days 9 hours ago - You may have heard of the little known new piece of computing equipment called the "Raspberry Pi" a $25 computer to teach kids programming. In a... | News | Industry


Animation tool to shake up the indie and AAA scene

820 days 13 hours ago - YWB: Interview with Edgar Muniz co-founder of new Animation tool for game developers, Spriter. | Interview | PC


YWB: Best tools for making games

831 days 1 hour ago - YWB: Have you ever wanted to make your own game? Of course you have! But just do you know, theres no such thing as making an easy game. Some of... | News | PC


YWB: Interview with creators of Pixely People

845 days 20 hours ago - Fancy yourself as an app developer? Youngwebbuilder hooked up with the guys behind the hit game Pixely People, to chat about app development and h... | Interview | iPhone

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