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Sony's Broken Record

3072 days 23 hours ago - The PS3 shouldn't be judged yet, judged yet, judged yet, judged yet, judged yet, judged yet. This is what Sony's PS3 representatives speeches and p... | Article | 1,13


Delta Squad in North Carolina

3080 days 4 hours ago - It's all fun and games until the video game character you designed shows up at your office. | News | 2


C'mon Sony, stand your Ground

3088 days 17 hours ago - If someone has Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe's balls please give them back. | Article | 1


Super Puzzle Fighter II HD Remix Coming to XBL Arcade in July

3091 days 14 hours ago - The guys over at the Capcom Digital blog have confirmed they are going to release Super Puzzle Street Fighter 2 HD Remix next month. | News | 2


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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Big thoughts on the Big Daddy

3094 days 21 hours ago - There were all sorts of interesting theories, one theory purported that the Big Daddies are actually clones of Rick Moranis from Spaceballs, anothe... | Rumor | 2,12


Open Letter To All Politicians

3095 days 1 hour ago - In a recent fad, many politicians have deemed it necessary to formulate bills in which gaming is the target. A recent bill which is looking to be p... | News | 13


Real Life Ghost Recon: 360 Controllers Used On the Battle Field.

3100 days 12 hours ago - The US army uses a lot of high tech gear such as drones in their Future Combat Systems Program. These shots show off the SUGV (Small Unmanned Groun... | Article | 2,14


Fox to bring The Sims to the big screen…wait, wha?

3111 days 10 hours ago - Found at Younewb website: I'm not really sure why any studio would want to do this but 20th Century Fox has scouped up the feature film rights... | News | 13


People in Australia actually did buy some PS3s

3174 days 6 hours ago - Looks like the PS3 drew quite a crowd at the Pitt Street Mall on launch in the land down under (Australia for those who don't live "above&quot... | Article | 1


God of War 2 hits beta, demo coming soon

3259 days ago - From the director of the game himself (Cory Barlog) comes word that God of War 2 is now officially in beta. They pressed some discs and gave employ... | News | 9


The Wii (just the console) only costs $158 to make.

3272 days 12 hours ago - Japanese economic site, Toyokeizai, broke down the Wii components by price and discovered that it apparently, only costs Nintendo about $158 to mak... | News | 3, 13


She's a gamer and a model

3440 days 9 hours ago - Traditionally video games have been considered a male dominated world. When people think of the average gamer, one thing always seems to come to mi... | News | 1, 2, 3, 11, 12

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