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Weird Brain Training Ads in Japan

1146 days 10 hours ago - Nintendo has released a bunch of 8 TV adverts to the Japanese eShop, of many different people playing it. | Video | 3DS


Japanese people try to play New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Screenshots and Video)

1146 days 11 hours ago - In this video, you’ll see how 2 Japanese people are playing New Super Mario Bros. 2, in style. This video got directly ripped from the eShop, so d... | Article | Industry

30° - London 2012 Review

1148 days 9 hours ago - The Olympic Games are nearing, while SEGA launches the virtual version of it. How much is that worth it? | Review | PC


Square Enix titles playable on 3DS XL at Community Day in London

1148 days 11 hours ago - Good news for fans of Square Enix 3DS productions in United Kingdom! Square Enix Europe has announced that they will be running a “Square Enix 3DS... | News | Culture


The Wii U Games You Need to Play in August

Now - Let's take a look at what Nintendo will be offering throughout the month. | Promoted post - Gravity Rush Review

1148 days 11 hours ago - Gravity Rush finally got reviewed by Is it worth the flight? | Review | PS Vita


Japanese Mario Tennis Open Metal Mario QR Code (Gameplay Footage)

1152 days 1 hour ago - Team has been playing around with Metal Mario for a while, as it used to be a Europe-only QR Code. However, the Japanese have the QR... | News | 3DS


Star Fox 64 3D Speedrun in 31:45.523

1168 days 14 hours ago - This is a Star Fox 64 3D Speedrun. My goal was not to take the fastest possible paths, my goal was to take the easiest path. And easy = fast.... | Video | Culture


Red Yoshi is now available for European Mario Tennis Open

1169 days 11 hours ago - While America and Japan already have the Red Yoshi, it’s now time to complete this, and go to Europe and Australia. | News | 3DS


New York looks for Fire Heroes

1172 days 20 hours ago - The American fire brigade went to Amsterdam today, looking for future Fire Heroes. Job Enquiries have been spread, and youngsters with 2 healthy th... | News | Culture


Japanese DS Flash Card reseller arrested

1188 days 3 hours ago - Nintendo of Japan has just released a Press Release, stating that the Aichi-based Police has arrested a seller and importer of Nintendo DS Flash Ca... | News | Nintendo DS

90° - Mario Tennis Open Review

1191 days 13 hours ago - Mario Tennis Open is released in Europe, time for some smashing. Is it worth the smash? | Review | 3DS


Mario Tennis Open’s Online Mode is Region and IP Locked

1192 days 1 hour ago - It looks like there’s more and more freedom, Nintendo has stolen. Well, not really Nintendo, but Camelot is the big problem in this matter. | News | 3DS


Pokédex 3D will be removed from the eShop on June 17th, 2012

1195 days 8 hours ago - Yamilla from said: "At least, that’s what I saw, when opening the Japanese eShop. Nintendo has announced to remove the free Pokédex 3... | News | 3DS


E3 2012: What to expect?

1209 days 7 hours ago - Well people, the E3 2012 is coming in less than 1 month. Let’s warm up for it, with the announcements people want to expect, as well as announceme... | Opinion piece | Culture


Heroes of Ruin Trailer

1210 days 8 hours ago - The adventures of Heroes of Ruin starts off in the big city of Nexus, where the piece of the city will be distroyed, as soon as the ruler of the ci... | Video | 3DS


Demo footage of Kingdom Hearts 3D

1210 days 11 hours ago - Yamilla from said: "First of all, I’m sorry for the super low Frame Rate, the developer of our Capture Device still doesn’t have his u... | Video | 3DS


Pokémon Heart Gold and Pearl Video Walkthroughs now fully available

1211 days 10 hours ago - The Pokémon Heart Gold and Pokémon Pearl Video Walkthroughs, made by David and Yamilla from respectively, are now fully available at Y... | Video | Nintendo DS


Nintendo 3DS Capture Board – Early Tests

1211 days 11 hours ago - are one of the first people to have the 3DS Capture Board, which is currently in development, by an American hobbyist called “Loopy”.... | Article | Dev


How to create 3DS Folders, for Dummies

1214 days 10 hours ago - With the latest 3DS Update, you can keep your 3DS organized. Here’s how it works. | Article | Tech


We Sing goes back to the 80s

1215 days 5 hours ago - Pull out the legwarmers and plump up the shoulder pads as the Wii’s best-selling singing series celebrates the most memorable decade of music. | News | Wii


LEGO Jurassic World (XB1) Review

Now - Ken travels to Jurassic Park once again. | Promoted post
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