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Xbox Live Updates Include New Arcade Games, Add-Ons

1167 days 13 hours ago - Xbox Live is set to have quite the week this week with some cool new Xbox Live Arcade releases, as well as some new add-ons for games and new deals... | News | Xbox 360


Top Tips For Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 On Xbox 360

1171 days 8 hours ago - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 continues to be the most popular Xbox 360 game on Xbox Live, and gamers are always curious as to what popular hacks o... | Article | Xbox 360


New Year's Gaming Flashback, Imagining A Kinect Fantavision

1186 days 5 hours ago - Would you play the PS2 classic Fantavision if it were reborn on Xbox 360 Kinect? | Article | PS2


Predicting The Price Point Of The Upcoming Xbox 720 Console

1187 days 9 hours ago - How much will the Xbox 720 cost at launch, we speculate... | Article | Xbox 360


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Minecraft Creeps Me Out

1623 days 3 hours ago - Xboxist Writes: "Ultimately though, it's not the zombies or the ghosts that give me the willies in Minecraft -- it's the randomly generated gam... | Opinion piece | PC


Does Linkin Park Support the War in Afghanistan?

1696 days 22 hours ago - Xboxist writes: "Yes, EA has dump trucks full of money, but Linkin Park aren't exactly strapped for cash, and the group has never been particularly... | Article | Xbox 360


Is Xbox 360 Slim Arcade SKU Really Necessary?

1715 days 3 hours ago - Xboxist writes: "Why won't the Xbox 360 Arcade SKU die? Microsoft's bargain-basement hardware bundle has arguably hamstrung games development o... | Article | Xbox 360


XBOX 360 Game Room Drives Gamers Away

1825 days 17 hours ago - Xboxist: "For a title that's all about leveraging nostalgia to bring gamers together, the Xbox 360 Game Room seems to be having the opposite... | Article | 2


Company Invents Pill for Hardcore Gamers

1832 days 9 hours ago - Xboxist writes: "The truly elite now have something even more powerful to keep their game hands going strong: energy supplements. a compa... | Article | 11,13


Five Things We Hate About Final Fantasy XIII

1845 days 21 hours ago - Xboxist writes: "Despite the hype surrounding Square Enix's new magnum opus, it isn't all kittens and rainbows in Final Fantasy XIII. Eve... | Article | 1,2


King of Fighters Vanessa PVC Figure

1869 days ago - Xboxist writes, "Fight fans and toy collectors rejoice. Your prayers have been answered. Straight from Japan comes a PVC figure based on Vanes... | News | 1,2


How to Buy Games for Cheap

1881 days 6 hours ago - GameFlavor writes, "The economy is not what it used to be, but the retail price of new games are still $60. So what's a guy to do -- find the... | Article | 11


Xboxist: Alan Wake and Heavy Rain: Year of the Adventure Game?

1882 days 20 hours ago - Xboxist writes: "This year will see the release of two groundbreaking games for the current generation of home consoles. Long neglected, the a... | Article | 1, 2


GameFlavor: Assassin's Creed 2 Review

1893 days 20 hours ago - GameFlavor writes, "Our time-traveling assassin is back with a new adventure and a new list of people to kill -- this time in the watery stree... | Review | 1, 2


Xboxist: Scene It Bright Lights! Big Screen! Review

1936 days ago - Xboxist writes, "Here's a trivia game that's surprisingly worth playing." | Review | 1, 2, 3

Biggest Flops of the Holiday Season

1942 days 9 hours ago - Xboxist writes, "This is a list of high profile games (spanning the entire year) that failed to capture the public's wallets. Grab a dri... | Article | 1,2,3


Rumor Roundup: Upcoming Xbox 360 Games

1945 days 10 hours ago - Xboxist writes: "Here are a few things I have heard are on their way to us and they sound real hot, damn hot." | Rumor | 1,2


Used Xbox 360 Consoles: Buyer Beware

1949 days 5 hours ago - Xboxist writes: "This month it was reported that the company may have banned up to a million pirate machines, in the wake of intense pira... | Article | 2


Xboxist: Military Madness Extensive Review

1949 days 19 hours ago - Xboxist writes, "If you recall fondly of games like Might and Magic: Heroes, Shining Force, or if you're just a fan of turn-based strategy gam... | Review | 1,2,3


Xbox 360 Completely Absent from Toys R Us Catalog in Spain

1970 days 1 hour ago - writes: "Millions of kids all over Europe today received their mega holiday Toys R Us holiday catalogs in the mail. While fli... | News | 1,2


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