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Xbox Banter Cast 24 - We Got Jokes

1261 days 5 hours ago - This week we talk about the difficulty level of games, switch up the order of things a little bit and return to the idea of a REAL pokemon game. Be... | Podcast | Xbox 360


Xbox Banter Cast 23 - Sex Changes Make Dan Uncomfortable

1267 days 13 hours ago - This week we talk about the review process, Portal DLC, the Dr. Who finale and some bits in between. As well, fan fiction corner continues to disgu... | Podcast | Xbox 360


Xbox Banter Cast 22 - Game Of The Year Picks and Grouchyness

1270 days 11 hours ago - This week we take a look back through the year and make some GOTY picks, Dan recounts his interactions with a Swedish woman on the phone and Fan fi... | Podcast | Xbox 360

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