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First EA MMA Screenshots

1777 days 21 hours ago - EA Sports just dropped the first set of screenshots and fighter renders for the upcoming MMA fighting game. The screen show off the arena, and fig... | Screenshot | 1,2


XBAcast: DJ Hero Review

1785 days 22 hours ago - Guitar Hero turned gamers into rockstars, and now DJ Hero is poised to turn gamers into party spin masters. The XBAcast takes a look at the latest... | Review | 2

XBAcast: Ben 10: Alien Force Vilgax Attacks Review

1788 days 9 hours ago - The latest Cartoon Network hit is Ben 10: ALien FOrce, and the creators of the show are bringing the series to consoles near you, with Ben 10: Alie... | Review | 2

New The Saboteur Gameplay Trailer and Screenshots

1795 days 5 hours ago - With The Saboteur releasing in a few weeks EA has released the latest trailer featuring lots of gameplay and some new screenshots. | Trailer | 1, 2


Celebrate the new TV season with Filmwatch

Now - With the 2014-2015 TV season right around the corner, come join us on Filmwatch as we celebrate and give all you TV lovers something to enjoy! | Promoted post

XBAcast: WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010 Review

1798 days ago - The XBAcast take a look at the latest in the long running series of WWE games. WWE Smackdown vs. Raw not only features the latest WWE superstars a... | Review | 2


XBAcast: NBA 2k10 Review

1809 days ago - NBA 2k10 marks 2k's 10 year for the franchise. WIth many improvements made to what is considered the number 1 NBA title, The XBAcast takes a look... | Review | 2


XBAcast: Need For Speed: Shift Review

1811 days 5 hours ago - After a couple of years racing the streets, Need For Speed is heading back to the track with Need For Speed: Shift, The XBAcast takes a look at EA'... | Review | 2

NBA 2k10 Developer Conference Call Full Audio

1814 days 13 hours ago - On October 2nd 2k Sports held a developer conference call for NBA 2k10. The XBAcast brings you the entire calls audio. The developers talked abou... | News | 1,2,3,4,15


7 Games You Should Watch For This Fall

1824 days 23 hours ago - With Fall officially here, the XBAcast looks at 7 games that gamers should keep an eye on over the next few months. | Article | 2


XBAcast: NHL 2k10 Review

1831 days 17 hours ago - NHL 2k10 tries to rebound after last years blunders, with many improvements on the surface, the game still falls short in some important areas. Th... | Review | 2


XBAcast: Wet Review

1833 days 2 hours ago - Move over Lara Croft there is a new baddass chick in town. Wet takes the 70's action movie genre and turns it into a great artistic third person s... | Review | 2


Xbacast: Dirt 2 Review

1835 days 23 hours ago - Dirt 2 is the third title of the Dirt/Grid series by Codemasters. Dirt 2 builds on the prior two titles and offers race fans an amazingly fun and... | Review | 2


XBAcast: Section 8 Review

1836 days 15 hours ago - XBAcast takes a look at Southpeak Games new First Person Shooter Section 8. Section 8 takes many FPS mechanics and puts interesting twists and twe... | Review | 2

XBAcast: Darkest of Days Review

1839 days 10 hours ago - Darkest of Days starts as a great concept, travel back in time and fix historical wrongs. But the poor execution ruined what could have been a fun... | Review | 2


XBAcast: The Beatles: Rock Band Review Xbox 360

1841 days 23 hours ago - The XBAcast reviews the latest Rock Band game featuring The Beatles. Featuring all the great gameplay gamers have come to love and the music and a... | Review | 2


XBAcast: Defense Grid: The Awakening Review

1845 days 6 hours ago - The XBAcast reviews the latest Xbox Live Arcade release, Defense Grid: the Awakening a space themed tower defense game. | Review | 2


Xbox Live Catching Beatlemaina

1850 days 13 hours ago - With the release of The Beatles: Rock Band coming up, Xbox Live has some fun events and freebies set to promote the latest game in the Rock Band fr... | News | 2


XBAcast's Need For Speed: Shift Hands-On Impressions

1851 days 3 hours ago - This evening at the Need For Speed: Shift media event in NYC, The XBAcast spent a few hours with the latest build of the game in this Hands-On. | Preview | 1, 2


What Microsoft Needs To Do To Stay Ahead Of Sony

1851 days 21 hours ago - With a new console model and new price point from Sony, Microsoft has its work cut out for itself this holiday season. The XBAcast talks about wha... | Article | 1,2


NBA 2k10 Draft Combine Trailer and Launch Details

1852 days 23 hours ago - Tomorrow NBA 2k fans will be able to download and begin their virtual career path via NBA 2k10 Draft Combine. The XBAcast brings you the launch tr... | Trailer | 2


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (3DS) Review

Now - Jae sings along with the latest Theatrhythm release. | Promoted post

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