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WASDGamer Review: Dear Esther

1449 days 15 hours ago - I’ll have you know that this has been (or, as I’m writing this, will be) a very difficult review to write. I finished the game Dear Esther a few da... | Review | PC


WASD Gamer: Eurogamer Expo 2011 Roundup

1599 days ago - Waking up at the crack of dawn to set off for our 2 hour drive to London was tough going, but for a day filled with games, booth girls and some mor... | Article | PC


WASD Gamer: Eurogamer Expo 2011 Preview

1600 days 9 hours ago - Tomorrow is the first day of the annual Eurogamer Expo, with a lot of big name games going to be there i’ve managed to snag a ticket and a nice tri... | Preview | PC


Dota 2 Leaked Client is Information Goldmine

1603 days ago - So this is most likely not what Valve wanted to happen just yet, one of the lucky participants in the very secretive closed beta has leaked the Dot... | News | PC


Be the first to know the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - All N4G members who track PlayStation VR through will get 10% off on all PSVR launch titles! | Promoted post

Battlefield 3: Operation Guillotine Extended (Xbox 360 Gameplay)

1606 days 13 hours ago - An extended version of the mind blowing first trailer is here featuring Xbox gameplay. | Video | PC


Icefrog Debunks Dota 2 Beta Rumors

1609 days 21 hours ago - There were rumors going around that the Dota 2 beta would be one mass invite event that would be happening tomorrow. These have turned out to be fa... | News | PC


Minecraft 1.8: Not Enough Done For Release

1610 days 2 hours ago - A tweet from Jeb at Mojang a moment ago tells us the bad news that 1.8 will not be released today, however a list of things that have been worked o... | News | PC


Skyrim Playable Vampires Confirmed

1612 days 12 hours ago - It has been revealed by Bethesda Game Director Todd Howard that in Skyrim you will be able to contract the vampiric disease just like in previous E... | News | PC


Minecraft 1.8 Pre-Release for Public Testing

1612 days 20 hours ago - It appears Notch and Jeb have released the 1.8 update for public testing | News | PC


Dead Island (PC) Review - WASDGamer

1613 days 6 hours ago - Ignoring the list of problems this game has had since release this review focuses on the core gameplay. | Review | PC


Dead Island Released in Europe Early

1614 days 4 hours ago - The early release of Dead Island in Europe (by about 30 minutes) but still with major issues! | News | PC


What is eSports?

1617 days 1 hour ago - With this video by Professional eSports company Fnatic, it shows the true spirit of eSports and what is has become over the past few years and hope... | Video | PC


Creating “Prelude of the Chambered” by Notch

1623 days ago - “Prelude of the Chambered” the game made in 48 hours by Minecraft creator Notch for the 21′st Ludum Dare competition. The video shows a 6 minute... | Video | PC


Aliens: Colonial Marines – Development History and Gamescom News

1630 days ago - A roundup of Aliens: Colonial Marines development history and the new details from Gamescom 2011 | Article | PC


Guild Wars 2: Press Demo & Developer Commentary

1635 days 1 hour ago - This year’s Guild Wars 2 press demo from gamescom 2011. Introducing PvP, the Charr homelands, Asura Gameplay, an epic fight against a dragon | Video | PC


Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – 9 Minutes of Gameplay

1635 days 11 hours ago - Enjoy 9 minutes of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations direct from Gamescom | Video | PC


WoW: Patch 4.3, Deathwing and Cosmetic Armor

1635 days 17 hours ago - WoW players will have the chance to take on Deathwing in the next patch to be released from Blizzard. | News | PC

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