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Age Of Wushu: Legends Of Mount Hua Expansion Release Date Announced

439 days 2 hours ago - WarCry: ''Snail Games, developer of the free-to-play martial arts MMO Age of Wushu, have announced the game's first free expansion, Legends of Moun... | News | PC


Wizard101 Exploiters Beware

1666 days ago - Wizard101 players who have chosen to take advantage of an exploit for buying the newly announced winged mounts had best watch their backs. Big Brot... | News | 12


Mythos Dev Diary 001: Getting Started in Uld

1670 days 11 hours ago - Dev Diary 001 will give you an overview of your first mission in the game as well as some tips on traveling, crafting, and personal achievements in... | Article | 12


Warcry: Fantasy Earth Zero Q&A

1697 days 18 hours ago - Fantasy Earth Zero, or FEZ, is a new game set to debut in North America. FEZ comes to you through a partnership between Square Enix and Gamepost US... | Interview | 12


Destiny The Game

Now - Explore Mars, Rediscover Venus, Reclaim the moon, Protect Earth. Become Legend. The wait is over! Destiny is now available to play, Pick up your... | Promoted post

Warcry: Shooting for Success: Crimecraft Interview

1699 days 14 hours ago - WarCry recently had the privilege to sit down with Matt McEnerney, Executive Producer of the successful, albeit somewhat controversial, MMOFPS, Cri... | Interview | 12


Warcry: Perfect World Rising Tide Interview

1729 days 14 hours ago - Rising Tide is the newest and largest expansion to Perfect World International. WarCry had a chance to sit down with PWI's product manager, Craig B... | Interview | 12


Mortal Online Release Pushed Back

1733 days 2 hours ago - While it's disappointing when a game doesn't hit the target date, by and large players are used to it and all but expect it to happen -- it's part... | News | 12


Age of Conan Live Expansion Demo on XFire

1745 days 18 hours ago - The Age of Conan development team will be hosting a live demo of the upcoming expansion, Rise of the Godslayer. The demo will be developer played w... | News | 12


Warcry Network: Dragon's Call Q&A

1806 days 19 hours ago - Dragon's Call is a new MMO in development from EverDream Studios. WarCry had a chance to speak with Lean Smith about Dragon's Call and what fans ca... | Interview | 12


Fallen Earth: Villains We Love to Hate Pt. 3

1949 days 17 hours ago - In a WarCry exclusive, Fallen Earth writer Grace Hagood explains the game's religious and pseudo-religious elements, and some of the fanaticism emb... | Article | 12


Fallen Earth Dev Diary: Villains We Love to Hate

1966 days 9 hours ago - WarCry is pleased to host the bad boys in the Fallen Earth universe. In a developer journal by Grace Hagood, a writer and game developer for the up... | Article | 12


DDO: A New Marketplace

1968 days 22 hours ago - Turbine's provided a peek at some of the upcoming changes contained in Module 9 for Dungeons and Dragons Online. | News | 12


EVE Online: In the Future, There is Only War

1971 days 12 hours ago - EVE Online, in short, is constant, controlled chaos. Alliances are made daily, are trained upwards, and ultimately fall. It's all just a question o... | Article | 12


Wormhole exploration hearkens back to EVE Online's early days

2005 days ago - Massively: "EVE Online's latest Apocrypha expansion has elevated the exploration profession to new heights. The addition of roughly 2500... | News | 12


WoW Themed Gaming Mouse

2020 days 1 hour ago - World of Warcraft fans who simply cannot get enough of all things WoW will rejoice in the production of a new WoW themed gaming mouse. Coming in at... | News | 12


Artix Entertainment: The 13 Lords of Chaos

2020 days 1 hour ago - In WarCry's continuing series of developer journals, Artix Entertainment, creators of AdventureQuest Worlds (among others), takes a look at the 13... | Article | 12


Atlantica Online Opens 6th Server

2023 days 7 hours ago - Atlantica Online is opening a sixth server to accommodate the growing player-base. In celebration of the new 'Delphi' server, players will be treat... | News | 12


EVE: GM Team Outlines Duties

2023 days 7 hours ago - "We don't just support, we try to make the need for our support as minimal as possible." Great quote that epitomizes the article abo... | Article | 12,15


TwelveSky 2 Snapped Up by Aeria Games

2027 days 9 hours ago - Aeria Games announced today that they will be acquiring Twelve Sky 2, the sequel to their already popular martial arts MMORPG series Twelve Sky.... | News | 12,13


WarCry Talks Trickster Online

2033 days 5 hours ago - Drills and girls with cat ears are awesome - at least, that's the design philosophy behind Trickster Online Revolution, a colorful free-to-play MMO... | Interview | 12,15


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post

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