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25th Anniversary The Legend of Zelda 3DS Bundle Mock up

1672 days 10 hours ago - Variasuit: "Nintendo has stated that they are going to do something special for The Legend of Zelda’s 25th anniversary, but we beat them to it. Be... | Image | 3DS


Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Bundle Mock Up

1674 days ago - "Resident Evil has never had a proper bundle, so it was decided to make one. Below is a mock up of a Nintendo 3DS Resident Evil: Th... | Image | 3DS


StarFox 64 3DS Bundle Mock Up

1675 days 7 hours ago - "StarFox 64 3D Edition is hitting in a couple months and what better way to get hyped than to imagine a bundle that could celebrate... | Image | 3DS


Nintendo 3DS needs “must have” titles to boost sales

1676 days 15 hours ago - An article outlining the need for "must have" titles in order for the 3DS to grow its user base in a time when 3DS isn't meeting sales expectations. | Opinion piece | 3DS


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Project Cafe will not use friend codes according to 1UP

1681 days 18 hours ago - Critics have stated for years that Nintendo’s policy on friend codes have been sub-par. The Wii had a 16 digit code that needed to be traded with o... | Rumor | Wii


Nintendo to focus on packaging, not name for new console

1682 days ago - An article outlining examples of package design from other Nintendo hardware like the 3DS. Nintendo's Project Cafe might be impacted more from its... | Opinion piece | Wii


What could Project Cafe look like?

1687 days 5 hours ago - Nice overview of design choices Nintendo might pursue with Project Cafe. As well as patent images of past Nintendo products in order to gain more i... | Article | Wii


Variasuit: Batman: The Brave and the Bold Review

1898 days 11 hours ago - Variasuit: "You may be familiar with Batman: The Brave and the Bold from its Cartoon Network show. The show is a lighter version of Batman that is... | Review | Wii


Variasuit: Metroid Other M Review

1912 days 8 hours ago - Variasuit: "Metroid Other M has both worried and excited fans ever since the first trailer was shown at last year’s E3. With a mixture of third pe... | Review | Wii

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