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Ridge Racer Unbounded Review - Vantage

1408 days 3 hours ago - Vantage writes - You’d be forgiven for being tempted to completely pass on the thought of buying this game, not only is unbounded a bit of a clumsy... | Review | Xbox 360


Birds of Steel Review - Vantage

1413 days 4 hours ago - Vantage writes - We’re not serious flying fanatics but we know enough that the current efforts on the 360 are pretty naff. What excites us about th... | Review | Xbox 360


Who Will Take GAME's Share?

1442 days 21 hours ago - Vantage writes - With the news that GAME – and Gamestation, which is owned by GAME – is to stop stocking EA games, the end is looking ever closer f... | Article | Industry


UFC Undisputed 3 Review - Vantage

1456 days 21 hours ago - Vantage writes - UFC is better than wrestling (i.e WWE). Sorry it had to be said, it’s quicker, fiercer and infinitely more brutal. The reason this... | Review | Xbox 360


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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Review - Vantage Magazine

1459 days 3 hours ago - Vantage writes - As an insanely massive fan of Metal Gear Solid (MGS), something that has been part of my life for the last 12 years, I, like every... | Review | Xbox 360


Soul Calibur V Review - Vantage Magazine

1469 days 5 hours ago - Vantage writes - Fighting games have that uncanny ability to infuriate, frustrate and break one’s own will, whilst also providing cries of joy as y... | Review | Xbox 360


Turtle Beach X12 Review - Vantage Magazine

1493 days 1 hour ago - Vantage writes - A serious fan of shooting games will know the benefit that a good sound system makes. Especially in online multiplayer, being able... | Review | Xbox 360


Rayman Origins Review - Vantage Magazine

1526 days 5 hours ago - Vantage writes - In a generation of games becoming more serious and ever more realistic, Rayman Origins offers a genuine opportunity, other than pl... | Review | Xbox 360


WWE '12 Review - Vantage Magazine

1533 days 23 hours ago - Vantage Magazine writes - WWE games, like football and most sports games, have the difficult challenge of producing a fresh and entertaining experi... | Review | Xbox 360


Saints Row: The Third Review - Vantage Magazine

1535 days 5 hours ago - Vantage Magazine writes - Expect explosions. Expect car chases. And expect a man who talks entirely through an auto-tuned microphone. Saints Row is... | Review | Xbox 360


Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Review - Vantage Magazine

1543 days 4 hours ago - Ten years ago Halo: Combat Evolved (CE) come along and wowed pretty much everyone whilst changing the face of FPS gaming. Back then though there wa... | Review | Xbox 360


Batman Arkham City Review - Vantage Magazine

1545 days 21 hours ago - Batman Arkham City is one of the most anticipated games of the year and has generated a lot of hype since it was announced in 2009. It’s predecesso... | Review | Xbox 360


Assassins Creed: Revelations Review - Vantage Magazine

1548 days 6 hours ago - We won’t bore, or baffle, you with the complete back story to the Assassins Creed games, partly because we couldn’t tell you exactly what was happe... | Review | Xbox 360


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Review - Vantage Magazine

1549 days 1 hour ago - Last week we brought you our thoughts on Battlefield 3’s multiplayer experience, and we were mightily impressed. However it’s a sure thing that thi... | Review | Xbox 360


COD – Latest Economic Victim?

1557 days 3 hours ago - The Call of Duty franchise has seen off hordes of terrorists, zombie Nazis and fascist soldiers. But could it be one of the next targets of the glo... | Article | Industry


Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Review - Vantage Magazine

1557 days 3 hours ago - The first of the FPS big hitters has reared its head this winter and launching a week or so ahead of its rival, Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), will give B... | Review | Xbox 360


Spiderman: Edge of Time Review - Vantage Magazine

1560 days 22 hours ago - Spider-Man; Edge of Time has a very rich storyline that puts gamers in a high-octane mission to prevent the untimely death of the Amazing Spider-Ma... | Review | Xbox 360


Saints Row: The Third Preview - Vantage Magazine

1562 days ago - With every Saints Row release comes the inevitable comparison to Grand Theft Auto, and Saints Row The Third will be no different. However, if GTA I... | Preview | PC


Vantage Magazine's Forza Motorsport 4 Review

1578 days 2 hours ago - The latest instalment of the Forza Motorsport series has arrived. Due to the two-year wait since Forza 3 was released, it’s exciting to find out wh... | Review | Xbox 360


Forza Takes Over London

1581 days 1 hour ago - In preperation of Forza’s launch, Microsoft and co decided to bombard the capital with a range of super cars, not least the Veyron, a few Astons an... | News | Xbox 360


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

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