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Fun with numbers: Borderlands 2 review | UB Spectrum

1150 days 12 hours ago - An endless array of guns, mountains of ammo and a constant stream of bad guys to use the weapons on – it’s time to return to Pandora for the next c... | Review | PC


Nexuiz Review (UBSpectrum)

1363 days 1 hour ago - Nexuiz is the newest downloadable first-person shooter on XBL – and soon to be on PSN and PC – and should fill the void for any nostalgic gamers wh... | Review | PC


Ubspectrum Review: Skyrim

1471 days 21 hours ago - Ubspectrum: Bethesda has done a phenomenal job following up its series after winning 2006 and 2007 Game of the Year Awards for Oblivion. For all in... | Review | PC


The Spectrum - Dead Island Review

1539 days 16 hours ago - James Twigg writes: The island is beautiful. The ocean playfully splashes upon the white sand beaches while the sun causes the palm trees to cast... | Review | PC


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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UBSpectrum Heavy Rain Review

2099 days 14 hours ago - Today's videogame industry is beginning to concentrate more on online multiplayer game play than on the single person campaign. Many games overlook... | Review | 1

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