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TalkTalk: Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. 2 Review

1700 days 18 hours ago - TalkTalk writes: "Ever since we saw Top Gun, we've wanted to get all Tom Cruise and be a cool fighter pilot. Unfortunately we have neither the skil... | Review | PC


TalkTalk: Metroid: Other M Review

1700 days 23 hours ago - TalkTalk writes: "There's a real trend of games going back to their retro roots but we've seen Metroid travel the spaceship of time before. Other M... | Review | Wii


TalkTalk: Limbo Review

1736 days ago - TalkTalk writes: "Summer is traditionally a lacklustre time for gaming. The Triple-A releases are noticeable mainly by their sheer absense and we e... | Review | Xbox 360


TalkTalk: LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Review

1770 days 2 hours ago - TalkTalk writes: "LEGO and videogaming has proven to be the perfect match. Ever since Traveller's Tales created LEGO Star Wars all those years ago,... | Review | Wii


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TalkTalk: Red Dead Redemption Review

1806 days 20 hours ago - TalkTalk writes: "It's time to get out of town. It's time to leave the streets behind. The weather may be scorching and Summer is here but if you h... | Review | Xbox 360


TalkTalk: Split Second Review

1806 days 20 hours ago - TalkTalk writes: "When you play Split/Second, you have an absolute blast. Literally. Just like Burnout, this is an explosive racer in which you're... | Review | PC


TalkTalk: Skate 3 Review

1811 days 22 hours ago - TalkTalk writes: "Skate 3 and the only real difference is the graphics and presentation tweaks. At the core is the same game, by and large and yet... | Review | Xbox 360


TalkTalk: Alan Wake Review

1811 days 22 hours ago - TalkTalk writes: "Play the game with your expectations lowered and you won't be disappointed. It's just a shame that games like Uncharted and Heavy... | Review | Xbox 360


TalkTalk: Lost Planet 2 Review

1818 days 18 hours ago - TalkTalk writes: "We had really high hopes for Lost Planet 2. The original game was an excellent action shooter which impressed us with its visuals... | Review | Xbox 360


Talk.UK: Just Cause 2 Review

1855 days 5 hours ago - Picture the scene. You're invading an enemy base. You take out the two sentries with a long range sniper effort, detach a massive chain gun from a... | Review | 1,2,12


Talk.UK: Pokemon HeartGold Review

1855 days 5 hours ago - The Pokemon series has been around for quite some time now. It was created as a franchise by Satoshu Takiri for Nintendo way back in 1996 and there... | Review | 5


Talk.UK: Settlers 7: Paths To A Kingdom Review

1855 days 5 hours ago - As in Hollywood, the franchise rules in videogaming. But how many movies would be able to reach the seventh instalment and still feel fresh and com... | Review | 12


Talk.UK: Red Steel 2 Review

1855 days 5 hours ago - Talk.UK writes: "Red Steel is a great idea for a Wii-based videogame. Mix the hack and slash samurai antics of a prolific swordsman with the d... | Review | 3


Talk.UK: Yakuza 3 Review

1870 days 23 hours ago - Talk.UK writes: "The scene is modern day Japan - the neon-lit streets of a bustling metropolis. 'The 'Cocky Punks' wouldn't take no for an ans... | Review | 1


Talk.UK: God of War III Review

1871 days 4 hours ago - This is no run of the mill side scrolling beat'em-up. The first battle you'll encounter is whilst climbing the solid stone wrist of an absolutely m... | Review | 1


Talk.UK: Final Fantasy XIII Review

1871 days 4 hours ago - As with previous incarnations, the plot and details of FF are mind-bending but it's a start to outline that this time round you deal with Lightning... | Review | 1,2


Talk.Co: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review

1882 days 3 hours ago - Talk.Co writes: "Ah, Marlowe, Sweetwater, Haggard and Sarge - remember them? The four wise cracking larger than life mercenary soldiers from t... | Review | 1,2,12


Talk.Co: Alice in Wonderland (Wii) Review

1882 days 3 hours ago - From Edward Scissorhands, to Sweeny Todd via Sleepy Hollow and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the mix of Tim Burton's unique vision combined wi... | Review | 3


Talk.Co: Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce Review

1882 days 3 hours ago - The Dynasty Warriors franchise is nearly as old as the ancient samurai warriors it represents, but that's not to say this ageing oriental dog can't... | Review | 1,2

Talk.Co: Heavy Rain Review

1882 days 3 hours ago - Mature games. Emotional gameplay. Phrases that get bandied about the games business as often as we see a new football title or another chance to st... | Review | 1


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