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Kung Fu High Impact: Trailer 3 |TakeitGame|

1124 days 11 hours ago - TIG: "The newest trailer of the Ignition's title for Kinect" | Video | Xbox 360


I'm not sure our politics changed - we're still entirely in favour of making and playing good games

1509 days 8 hours ago - TakeitGame had a chat with Edward Stern, Brink's Lead Writer. We wanted to know more about the first Splash Damage's original game, after working i... | Interview | PC


Under Siege still on Spring

1795 days 13 hours ago - raised the question about Under Siege lauch date after the news about the motion control beeing delayed. Seed Studios is now sa... | News | 1


TAKEitGAME Review - Trine

1971 days 23 hours ago - After launching titles like Shadowgrownds and its sequel Shadowgrounds: Survivor, it was interesting seeing the change of style that the finnish pr... | Review | 12


Are you bored?

Now - Watch 10 seconds videos about games and game culture at COUB Gaming... | Promoted post

New Zeno Clash 2 details

1994 days 1 hour ago - On an exclusive interview by TAKEitGAME, Ace Team's Carlos Bordeu revealed new details about the company's new title, Zeno Clash 2. "We d... | News | 12


Machinarium pre-order now available

1994 days 6 hours ago - Machinarium is one of the IGF winners. Finally, the game is available for pre-order in the official website. For 17 dolars, you will receive not on... | News | 12


Return to Mysterious Island 2 release date

2002 days 4 hours ago - Kheops Studio is finalizing the production of Return to Mysterious Island 2 and the release date has been slightly changed to 11 July. | News | 12


TAKEitGAME: Exclusive Interview with Bruce Oberg - Infamous

2023 days 4 hours ago - Takeitgame made a Exclusive Interview with Bruce Oberg Co-founder and Programming Lead of Sucker Punch. | Interview | 1

BBC: Interview with Steven Spielberg at E3

2027 days 5 hours ago - The BBC journalist Marc Cieslak, did one interview with Steven Spielberg at E3, to talk about the new control of Xbox 360 called Natal. | Videocast | 33,2


Portugal's Guitar Hero Metallica Presentation

2040 days 1 hour ago - Yesterday was the event of presentation of the game Guitar Hero: Metallica in our country. Do not miss the pictures of the event and a video. | Article | 1,2,9

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